Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're Celebrating Our Cotton Year!

Well, folks, here we are again. December 14th.
Every year, we memorialize a momentous occasion in the history of blogdom. Without this event, not one sodding thing would have changed; with it, not one sodding thing has changed.
What helps keep the waters calm?
How the hell should I know, it's certainly not me.
It is, however, the Turret Full Of Ravens birthday!
Way back in the mists of time (or, more accurately, 2008), I had absolutely no idea how to blog, or, indeed, what to blog about. All I knew about it was that my sister set it up, and she'd want it updated more than once every two or three months.
Look at how far we've come since then! We're already on design 2.1 (is it slightly nerdy that I'm keeping track of that?), created by yours truly; we've updated more than two or three times a month; I've figured out the whole "how to" of blogging itself; and, I found a topic to blog about (OK, that one's not true, but it sounded better than "we're still working on that one").
All in all, I think this little experiment has gone rather well!
How about some stats from the last year? (You may remember I did this to celebrate our first year. You may not, though, as the rest of you have lives.)
Of the 237 videos that were embedded in the last 86 posts, here's how they break down:
The "Other" Category - 68
General Music Of Awesomeness - 71
Beatles Awesomeness - 38
Britcoms - 27
Just Paul - 25
Just John - 8

I have taken the liberty of constructing a graph to illustrate 2009 and 2010.
Yes, I have too much time on my hands. So what?
Now, wasn't that interesting?
Let's continue!

Total posts dedicated solely to music: 19

We must not forget good ol' Reginald Kitty!
He has appeared 64 times, in 46 individual posts. Not to mention the header as part of redesign 2.1! He's a busy lad.

The most referenced post this year, and, indeed, in the history of this blog: In Defense Of The British Male.
If I had known that at the time I wrote the post, maybe I wouldn't have been so anxious to simply get it onto the main page (I get kind of excited when I blog. I blame the tea, of course).
Speaking of that post, since I will never get my fill of proving to my sister that I was 5000% right on that point, a post from My Life Is Average:

Today, while reading MLIA, I read about a girl with a British boyfriend. I was struck with a brief moment of jealousy (I have an affinity for British people). Then I remembered that I have no reason to envy this girl. I'm a guy. A completely straight guy. At least that's what I thought...MLIA

I understand, good sir. I understand.

Reginald Kitty understands, too.

We shall now continue the Mr. Gee-esque tradition of summarizing the last 365 blogging days, with my own poetaster flair, in some kind of rhyming form.

Before we move on to year number three,
Let's look back to see what we can see.
There was the visit from Ellie,
And junk we remember on telly,
The neighbor's obnoxious radio,
And Hot Pants At The Home Depot.
My Life Is Average brought folks together,
While RAIN and Frosted Flakes were in the weather.
Paulie came over to play for us twice,
And we showed my sister those Brit Boys can be quite nice.
With prospective voyages across the pond,
And remasters from Paul and John,
We celebrated birthdays here and there,
And discovered that we weren't really square.
We talked of The Fabs, and this newfangled sound,
And why record labels are driving themselves in the ground.
Twentieth century gadgets, and a frightened Mr. Schuman,
Bieber, Netspeak, and changing textbooks? Nothin' doin'!
Cat glasses, follicle meltdowns, and leprechauns,
Conservatism, The Brothers Gibb-Starr, and Revolver appears to be gone.
Pete was on half-time, and we somehow found Mickey,
Ken Jennings blogged, bacon treats, and, of course, Reginald Kitty.
So, here we herald the next blogging year,
And one thing I'll say; I think it'll be gear!

Thank you.

I have to admit, when I first started blogging, I didn't expect anyone but my mother and sister to ever read this drivel. Somehow, it's gotten past the two of them, and has branched out in a way I never expected. Judging by my sneaky facts and figures, I know there are a few more of you out there than just the family I've let in on this little secret. Truthfully? It tickles the hell out of me. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for finding my life more interesting than I do.
And, as for the blog, I enjoy it too much to do anything but keep right on truckin' to year three.
For the time being, though, let's just sit back with a strong, sweet cuppa, and bask in the awkwardness that was year two.

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)