Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Happy I Live In A Split-Level Head

It is dangerous to blog when you're in a silly mood.

Well, I feel lucky today, punk.

I wish you luck, 'cause this will probably not make sense. Then again, when did I promise that every post was going to be strictly structured... or, more to the point, when have you ever read this blog (well, firstly, ever?) for it's intellectual stimulation? (Didn't think so.) You can get that sensible crap on a different blog.
The order of the day is pure stupidity.

First, I must ask myself how a silly mood is created.
I suppose, like any mood, it started out innocently enough; my mother looked across the desk (we have a partners desk in our office, 'cause we're cool like that) and asks if I'd like to watch a video with her. Something about the changing faces on our currency.
Being nerdy about these kinds of things, I accept, sit upon her lap, and we proceed to watch as Dr. I-Stole-Tom-Selleck's-'Stache (and I don't think Mr. Selleck wants it back, though the 70's left a message... they said they're over it, too) starts to talk of changes in the Presidential faces... and some other stuff...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

We're all about thirteen years old at our house, so we naturally watched this several times, laughing even heartier with each go, even going so far as to show it to Daddy (who is also thirteen, apparently).
This got me to thinking of how many other news bloopers I've seen, and how many are out there yet to be seen.
This prospect excited me, so I let my fingers stroll their way to YouTube, and somehow injured myself from laughing at this...

You would think that this would be the point in the program where I would put a little ditty by Paul or Gary Lewis, or somebody else "normal kids" don't care about (to which I proudly hold two fingers aloft, shaking them in their general direction, as they listen to Fifty Pence and the Hippity-Hoppity Brigade).

Of course, that is not going to happen.


Instead of just ending this lovely little visit with a song, we're going to keep the party going! Oh, yeah, we're rockin' tonight!
Here to linger and torture you further, have some funny adverts I've noticed about the netty-web (after The Badass Geek so kindly brought stupid advertising to my attention, and I have now made it my mission to collect whatever fitting ads I find... how stupid do these people think we are?)...



(What was the theme of that "prom"? I suppose "Spring Fling" is just so overrated, they decided to make this one "Fake 'Fros".)

And now, because we can't have a kitty on this blog without bringing My Favorite Kitty back into the picture...
Oh! A small announcement about My Favorite Kitty: after much careful consideration, I have decided that, whatever this feller's real name is, he shall be known as Reginald Kitty from this point on (because during a separate silly mood, we, being members of a democratic society, voted to make it so)! The story would be too long and gruesome to go into (i.e. I'm saving that material for later), just know that Reginald comes from another of my annoying references that I make whenever possible (oh, and Reginald was kinda sorta a real person, so we must give him his privacy and what not... yes, there was a time when I knew real people in person, not just via the Internet).

NOW it's song time!

Yes, you bet your sweet ass that's Frankie Avalon doing The Freddie.
I think we can all die happy now.

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