Monday, December 14, 2009

We're Celebrating Our Paper Year!

Can you believe it's been exactly one year since this blog was first started? My congratulations if you've stuck it out this far.
In the last 365 days, much has happened on this little sliver of the virtual realm. (I know... you'd never have noticed it if I hadn't told you...)
Let's look at some stats...
Believe it or not, you've had to sift through 273 links to videos or songs; 30 of which are just of Paul McCartney, 15 John Lennon, 2 lonely George Harrison, and 35 are Beatles-related (11 remasters!)... and those are just of Beatles! If you're interested (I know I am), there are 25 songs that have nothing to do with the Fabs, 7 slide shows, 40 humorous pictures, 14 Graham Linehan-related posts. To further break down the videos, there are 18 IT Crowd, 11 Russell Brand, 23 Mighty Boosh, 11 Never Mind The Buzzcocks (I was surprised by that one), 9 Black Books, and a staggering 97 that didn't fit any category at all.
I'm hoping that, if anything, I've shed light on a few of my favorite British comedians, and good vintage music. After all, I'm having it put on my epitaph!
In a Mr. Gee-esque poem, I shall now attempt to sum up these last 167 posts... (how I miss that 90 minutes of lunacy each week!)

Through this year, we've...

Watched the suicidal teddy bear,
Heard some Remasters, too,
Steve Coogan was a pickle,
And we can talk like the Jews.
Brandon Walsh and Cheech
Hung the kiddies from a tree,
Camilla may be a chicken,
But at least she isn't Judy.
There were monkey hunts, and
Weetabix, the Frogs invaded Google,
Hauling Liquid Chicken,
IE8 almost fried our pea-sized noodles!
Graham Linehan has brightened
Many of our days,
Sweaty Goths, Sexy People,
And several other silly ways.
There were gollies, and fire,
And Boo Berry Crunch,
We're taking our vitamins,
And the Monkey Balls are done.
We're looking on the bright side,
(All of us but Robin Page),
The Fireman took over radio
While Paulie took the stage.
What else can I say,
But I'm glad you were here,
And to strap on your ears
For the next blogging year!

(Now, wasn't that fun?)
As I said, if you've hung around this far, both my thanks and congratulations go your way... now, go get your head examined, 'cause I've probably planted the seeds of insanity deep within your subconcious. And prepare yourself, 'cause this blog isn't going anywhere! It's staying put, bringing a smile to the two faces that read it.
Here's to bringing even MORE insanity to our cotton year!
Starting.......... NOW!

As you're well aware, the Christmas music season is a battle for me. I mean, how many versions of "Here Comes Santa Claus" can one person hear in a day? (I once heard The Little Drummer Boy thirteen times in one evening... really, it isn't an exaggeration, I've got witnesses.)
With that, we hear singers we wouldn't ordinarily (after all, I've usually got some kind of Gary Lewis something playing somewhere)... Josh Groban being one of them.
After seeing the following video, you'll think of Simon Amstell every time you hear the feller...

Now, when you hear his version of "O, Holy Night", you'll smile and think to yourself 'somewhere, Simon Amstell has the urge to climb atop Phil Jupitus and sing'... ahh, good times.

Apparently, I'm not the only person that has a hard time with all the fa-la-la-la-la-ing this time of year... just look at some of the names of these songs in today's featured playlist! Some of them are rather funny, though, admittedly, I haven't listened to them (yet).
Take a break from Ho, Ho, Ho (or, if you're the young lass at Furr's, just Ho) with the Dave Clark Five!

Don't curse me when you're singing this next week... it's not my fault it's catchy!

With this long, drawn out post coming to it's natural conclusion, it's time for another Beatles fan club record! (It's the blog's anniversary, show some enthusiasm!)
We're going to the revolutionary 1967 for this one, titled Christmas Time Is Here Again!
Recorded almost three months after Brian Epstein's untimely death, and two months after the filming of the Magical Mystery Tour film, psychedelia was still flowing freely, as is evident by this flexi-disc.
Without further introduction, here is the fifth Christmas message, Christmas Time Is Here Again!...

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)