Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Much To Ponder, So Little Brain.

A trip to Amarillo is always stimulating to the old thinkbox. Here are some of the things that have been weighing on my mind today.
Nancy Pelosi. I mean, what's SHE about? Although, while looking on Google Image Search, I found a family portrait...

How about VerMints (not in any way related to VerminMints Bears).

They're from Vermont, right? Then why aren't they maple flavored?
And speaking of weird flavorings, take a look at this Bar B Chew bone... isn't there something weird about it?

And the final thought for today... this is for the annoying kid at Hastings that wouldn't stop playing the keyboard.

See what happens when you aren't a good little boy? Pluto will chase you all around until he catches you, and then he'll take you to his lair, gobble you up a Timmy sandwich, and all that will be left is your Spiderman t-shirt and your left shoe!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spelling Really Is THAT Important.

I love the FOX News Network. Are you kidding, I was practically weened on The No Spin Zone, and I thoroughly enjoy Studio B. I even keep tabs on the various abuse to poor Carl Cameron (which I find highly entertaining in a sick sort of way).
Why, then, Bret Baier, didn't your show producers use SPELLCHECK? It's a nifty little tool, easy to identify, too. It's usually in a corner of the screen, and it says SPELL CHECKER. I suggest your people use it.

Yes, spelling is THAT important.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sell It Like Soap...

I love this idea. The thought that we can promote peace together through art, photographs, our way of thinking... Lord knows what else... is a beautiful prospect.
I wish the masterminds behind this project all the luck in the world, and that they may spread the word about what some of us already know!
I tell you what though, I cannot think of two more inspirational people to add to a post about peace than John & Yoko. So enjoy some fabulous footage of the Lennons during the Bed-Ins for peace, 1969.

Fireman Radio... Dubbya. Tee. Eff.

As my tiny fingers fly across the keys of my beloved HP laptop, Paul McCartney's Fireman Radio on Sirius/XM is playing Jet for the 4th time today. Before that, they played Sing The Changes three times.
WHY?!?! Why in Aunt Effie's sake are they repeating themselves? WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY?!?!?!?!!? It's so silly. The man's got hundreds of songs. Really. Hundreds. And they're his GOOD songs, not the experimental, or weird... the melodic genius you think of when you hear Paul McCartney.
Don't get me wrong, Jet is one of those "God, this is good and I don't know WHY" songs, and when it comes on the radio you crank up the volume, sing along, maybe even do that little punch-the-air move (and it's a mindblowing experience live, too).
I just don't understand. I can see why they play The Fireman stuff... it's Fireman radio, after all. But it's like they put Wingspan Hits and History on repeat, threw in waaaaay too many bumpers, and play Auraveda twice in an afternoon (among other annoying Fireman tracks).
Let's just say, DON'T waste your 14 day free trial on Sirius for this. Go out and buy Red Rose Speedway instead. You'll thank me later.
And while I'm at it, I'll add a song to this post. I haven't heard it on the radio station yet, and it's all too often overlooked, not to mention one of the best tracks of the aforementioned album.

P.S. We're on Band On The Run (also a humbling live experience) #5 for the day. I can't handle much more!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senator Scaryface On Music...

I have tried to make it very clear Hillary Clinton scares me. That's because she does. If you're in your right mind, she will scare the socks off you. So imagine my surprise when I listen to my latest Beatles Minute podcast, only to find out it's all about how the New York Senator love The Beatles. Here's a clip from Anderson Cooper...

Oh, that freaky lady...

I think this calls for a little PAUL!

(Isn't it funny that every time he gets political, the song gets banned? What a gas. If they'd done that with all of John's political stuff, he'd have only had about an album's worth of material suitable for radio play!)

One Is The Loneliest Number...

OK, so while I was snooping about the Internet last night, I found this website where you type in somebody's name, and they give a short biography, who was born/died on this date, etc. If you need information in a hurry, I suppose it's OK. The only problem is, I was searching under 'birthplace', and I noticed United Kingdom only had 1 entry.
I must say, it's a pretty sad website if the only person they've figured out was born in the UK is Peaches Geldof.
Although, if you type somebody from the UK in, it WILL come up... it just doesn't come up under 'birthplace'.
Another oddity makes it's way here.
And now, for something completely different.

(I have witnessed this particular show in person, and there is NOTHING more purely Vegas than that.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life...

I was reading the Union Jack Online just now, when I came across this fabulous little tidbit. I love that useless rubbish.
Time for a little whimsy!

Personally, if I died tomorrow, I'd want this played...

Barbies, Kryptonite, and Gore-Lieberman. Call The Funnyfarm.

This is one of the dumbest videos I've seen. Really. You can tell that when Mr. Schmuck made this, he was trying to be funny, but was most likely just having fun playing with Barbie dollies, wearing his boxers and Gore-Lieberman shirt, and flipping between American Idol and Wife Swap on TiVo. (Either that, or my lack of American humor is blinding the funny haha.)
Why then, you may ask, am I putting it up on my blog?
Give it a listen, you tell me.

How and why did he do that?
Odd. Although, so is this.

You know, until I got the idea of putting that song on this post, I hadn't ever seen the video for it... afterwards, I feel it's a perfect candidate for the theme of 'odd', don't you?
My, doesn't that bring back memories, sister o'mine?

We'll Be Right Back After These Messages...

Nothing says 'I care' like an advertisement.

Or WILL we?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Always Proof Reed...

Know why? 'Cause then you sell/buy stuff on eBay like THIS.

Ahhh... people.

Sybil : Part Two...

If you want to be thoroughly freaked out (I mean, scare the frickin' pants right off ya, clutch your teddy bear, suck your thumb, hide under the covers, sleep with the lights on freaked out), watch Sybil. It is the most disturbing film you may ever see. If I may ask, WHY then did they remake it? I'm sitting there, watching The Golden Girls on Lifetime, and what comes on during the adverts? A commercial for the new Sybil. Wasn't it freaky enough the FIRST time? Wasn't the BOOK enough for 'em?
Apparently not, since they've already done it.
Now I get to watch Sybil ads until the damn thing airs. Yippee skip.

Well, this was a depressing topic, let's change the subject.

How'sa 'bout them llamas?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A VU Of The Rat Pack...

Firstly, I'd like to get the fangirling over with. I got a new cell phone yesterday (an LG VU), and I'm loving it so far. I figured it out in the car on the way home from Amarillo last night, and I've already showed the rest of the family what they need to know. The only thing I have to figure out is how to put on personalized ringtones ('cause I WANTS 'em), but I'll figure it out soon enough.
Now, on to the event of the evening, The Rat Pack Is Back!
We took this handsome devil along with us...

And I think he had a good time! (I luvs dat man.)
My synopsis is as follows; Dean Martin impersonator... well, he was impersonating Dean Martin after all. How do you impersonate someone so spot on? (He tried, he really did... he just didn't hit it.) He was Grandy's favorite, but Grandy's terribly deaf.
Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator... I've never been a Sammy Davis fan, but this guy was GOOD. The highlight of the evening was when he went up to the drum kit for a solo. A+ there!
Joey Bishop impersonator... I don't honestly know enough about the real Joey Bishop to have an opinion, but I've been told to rest assured, he was GREAT. And he added to the show, made it fun, you know.
My personal favorite was the Frank Sinatra impersonator. He was the winner of one of those reality TV shows (which I watched, of course), and he deserved to win (not as much as the Little Richard impersonator, but hey, this guy is GOOD). He started off with one of my favorite songs Ol' Blue Eyes did, World On A String...

Overall, it was a fun show, a good time with family, and if they come back to town, we might have to take Grandy again!

In other news, I have to send heaping doses of positive energy to Yoko Ono on this, her date of birth, especially since she's working on her new album today! (I wrote this post out last night, so her birthday was actually yesterday.)

In honor of the special event, the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland has been lit up, and you can see it LIVE via this webcam.
Happy Birthday, Yoko!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colonal Sanders Missed Some!

My mother watches puppy webcams on ustream... it's one of her favorite things to do on the Internet. Well, today she found something even I'll have fun watching (even though my favorite webcam is stationed at Lock Ness)...
Ladies and gentlemen, those magnificent examples of fowl pulchritude and luminosity, direct from their global perambulations to the very boards of this supremely magnificent proscenium arch... ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Baby Chicken Webcam. (Congratulations if you got that spiel!)
At first I thought it was going to be a Camilla Parker Bowles webcam, but it actually IS a baby chicken webcam... (so it was a cheap shot, what're you gunna do, sue me?)
Speaking of the Duchess of Cornwall, am I the only person alive that thinks she looks like a chicken?

Maybe she just looks like a chicken because of clips like this...


Monday, February 16, 2009

Smiling With Electric Faces...

Jerry Mathers as The Beaver...

John Lennon...

And, because I feel like chucking this one in, Carl Cameron...

(He's plotting Shepard Smith's murder...)

Separated at birth, or just another stupid thing to blog about? You be the judge.
And, while we're at it, here's the inspiration for the title of this pointless blog post.

On a totally different train of thought... if you thought it couldn't get much dumber than the Skywriting By Word of Mouth auction from yesterday, this photobucket picture takes the cake.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Envy + Judy = ?




fear Pictures, Images and Photos

What Will They Think Of Next?

Certainly not THIS.
Oh, this human race!
motivational posters Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, February 14, 2009

God Must LOVE Stupid People, He Made Enough Of 'Em.

I realize some people aren't very learned in Beatles/solo Beatles literature. That's OK, most people don't have as much time on their hands as I do, but this one is just dumb. A four year old could tell this one.
On THIS eBay auction, we're looking at what can only be described as hilarious.
The seller is trying to push the drawing at the beginning of the book as an original sketch and signature by John. There is an original out there somewhere, yes, but this isn't it. Especially since this book was a POSTHUMOUS release (1987). Even when answering people's questions she's telling them it's the real deal!
I've seen the print (one of a limited number of lithographs, anyway) at the John Lennon art exhibitions I've been to (in San Diego and Boulder), and it's a fascinating print in person...

As far as the book goes, I have it, and it's wonderful. I suggest buying one if you don't have a copy... if anything, it's worth owning for the sole fact that it contains John's only autobiography (which is ENTHRALLING, but just too short!), among other short stories of varying oddness. For those of you that have read his two previous books, In His Own Write, and A Spaniard In The Works, Skywriting is easier to understand (not quite as much wordplay and phonetics, but just enough to let you know it's John).
And yes, MY copy also has the sketch in it. ;-) (Isn't that AMAZING?! Oh. Em. Gee.)

Hey, It's Valentine's...

Send a card to the one you love...

As if he's not already taking all of your money, why don't you spend your last $3.50 on a card for him?
But I didn't just say that.

And now, sing it loud, we sure could use more of it in our world!

Now, don't you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Have Found Mecca...

No, not Macca...

The online home of Half Price Books.
I can NEVER get out of Half Price Books without spending enough to get the free tote bag, but the closest one to me is in San Antonio, so I don't get to go nearly as often as I'd like to (although my pocket book appreciates the distance).
When we had to skip our annual South Texas trip this year, I was most upset about missing a few trips to Half Price Books (and Chipotle, but that's another habit).

And now for something... completely different.

Feeling A Little BEHIND?

This is a mini bundt cake.

And this is a mini butt cake!

In essence, Ginger, they stole my idea! Those bastards.

And now, here's this.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Bulldog!

I just found a REALLY gear piece of film footage on YouTube...
The Beatles recording Hey Bulldog (for those of you aren't familiar with it, it's a very catchy track from the Yellow Submarine album).
A fascinating time period in Beatles history, and also a really good time for Beatle hair, if I may say so (although, the particular style John has in this footage has always been a favorite of mine... you can see his mother's red mixed with his browner tones).
The audio is a little off, because they had to edit the music in over some newscaster's commentary (apparently, the lady talked through the WHOLE piece!), but it isn't an issue unless you're like me, and watch the way people pronounce their words. (Yeah, it's weird, but it's a thing I've always done.)

So Much Blogging In Just 24 Hours!

And here I thought I'd never use the thing...
It's time for another "What are these people THINKING?"
This go round, we're looking at THIS.
Now, The Catcher In The Rye is one of my favorite books (if not THE favorite), and I love to collect antique books (they smell WONDERFUL), but for THAT amount of green?! NOBODY in their right MIND would pay that. Although, it's quite the perk they give you 5% off. (Can't you just FEEL the sarcasm?) Oh, and when I think of what you could have for less...

In other news, I was talking about THIS with my sister the other day, and got the feather up my arse to find it for her. So, there you go, sister o'mine.
And now for something completely different.

I tried to add him to my British Funnymen slideshow, but I couldn't find any photos of him. Just LOOKING at this guy breaks me into hysteric fits, and I never get tired of watching those clips!

IN OTHER NEWS, I cannot rave enough about the Sirius/XM merger... they just played THIS...

I haven't heard it in YEARS.
And now they're playing The Box Tops... life is good.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ward, I'm Worried About The Beaver...

I've loved classic TV since I was a wee nyaf. There's a magical innocent quality to it that modern shows just can't seem to recapture (except for Pushing Daisies, but we all know what happened there).
Being fond of the oldies, I am, of course, a Leave It To Beaver fan... I've even met The Beave himself (he's a boring old sod), and we discussed wallpaper and medieval drama.
Anyway, the song at the beginning of this video has been an inside joke between my mother and I for a few years now, and I only JUST thought to look it up on YouTube.
So, Ma, this one's for YOU.

And, for those thinking we're all insane, that is ACTUALLY a song.

And, Ginger, don't feel left out... THIS one is for YOU.

Radio Play Me A Danceable Ode...

Hey, all you hip cats, do you know what time it is?
You guessed it, time for another post about Paul McCartney! (And you really SHOULD have guessed it. Look at 'im, isn't he ADORABLE? Sweet Belinda, I love this guy.)

I have just about wet my britches with excitement about this one...
Sirius Radio will be running The Fireman Radio from Valentine's Day through March 13!
Here's to this 'limited-run' becoming a permanent fixture!

Haven't had enough of Paul? (Me either!) Give this a listen... the inspiration for this post's title, performed by... who else?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh Yeah, I Want One Of THESE...

May I ask what the purpose of THIS is?
I mean, I understand it's supposed to be 'decorative', but I don't know why somebody would want a decorative snail. Don't most people try to KILL snails?

In other news, I'm going to try starting some forget me nots from seed this week...

AND some clover...

Next on my "Plants To Get" list is some Plumbago.

And, if I thought I could do it from bulbs, some Bleeding Heart (it's just so PRETTY!)...

Oh, and on a totally different train of thought, Ginger... Richard Ayoade ACTUALLY talks like that.

And now, for something slightly on topic...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me + Speed = ?

Well, for starters, it equals this.

I had never played Speed
until tonight, and THIS is rather how it turned out.
Hold on. WHO disables the embedding on their YouTube videos?! THAT'S RIDICULOUS.
I'll link you to it then.
Me learning Speed...

In other news, who knew there was a Russian version of The Nanny?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sexy People

I love Graham Linehan.
Another wonderful update from him was the discovery of Sexy People!
This got me to thinking... my sister and I used to visit when we were bored (many moons ago, that is)... so I looked it up.
Good news, Ginger... they've got an app for your iPhone! WOO!

On a totally unrelated note, Cole was singing this tonight, and all I could think of was this video, so figured I should post it up here.

And now, for something... completely different.

Ricky The K's Solid Gold Time Machine

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)