Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remasters Of A Similar Nature?

I would like to start out by saying that this post will not contain any Beatles remasters, nor will we be talking about them. There. I said it.
Stop cheering!
Instead, it's to get incredibly excited about the new Paul McCartney/Wings remasters, announced today!
Stop groaning!
You are allowed to leave now, if you wish.


You still here?
Good! We'll fangirl together!
Firstly, I would like to say that I'm thrilled that Paul is finally out from under EMI. He's been trying to do it for ages, and it's just wonderful that he's officially finished with them, particularly before they go tits up.

Now, to be honest, what I'm most excited about is the remastering!
A smart decision on Concord Music's part, Band On The (Awesome) Run is going to be the first to be released, with super-duper extras, et al.
I have the 25th anniversary edition of Band On The Run, and it's chock full of goodies, from interviews with the folks on the album cover (not to mention The Precious), to live performances, to outtakes/studio banter.
My question would have to be what else they're going to include... hopefully something like this...

(You know, a majority of this footage is playing on the screen behind Paul when he does Band On The Run material, but I had never actually seen it until just now.)
I look forward to reading the specs on this soon (make it soon, Concord!), and seeing what else they've got up their sleeve. It's all very new at the moment, so information is skint, but it's definitely enough to get me excited!

Another hope I have is that they'll officially release the B-sides! (Though this is most likely only a pipe-dream... it doesn't hurt to hope for it anyway!)
There are so many B-sides that are still only available on vinyl, for goodness sake, and even then, it's incredibly hard to get your mitts on the rest of them.
I've got a fabulous little collection called "The Other Side Of Off The Ground" with every B-side for that album, and it's bloody mind-blowing. An alternate mix of the title track (which, in my opinion, is much better than the album version... not as many echo-y effects in the main and backing vocals, and an edgier feel to the guitar), amazing B-side tracks (Big Boys Bickering, Long Leather Coat, Kicked Around No More, I Can't Imagine... so many good ones!) that you could only get from the singles, and even some live tracks from the Concert For New York City at Madison Square Garden.

And yet another exciting development from this press release is that Twin Freaks will finally be released on ANY format other than vinyl!
Incredibly exclusive, annoyingly elusive, the good ol' fashioned record was the only format available. I'm slightly excited about the Twin Freaks release, since Paul likes to use the Twin Freaks mixes for his pre-show music, so my favorite version of Ou Est Le Soleil, and, lest we forget, Temporary Secretary, will finally be available to enjoy.

So many possibilities! Don't cock it up, Concord!

In honor of the fortieth anniversary of McCartney (April 20, 1970), here's a song...

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