Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vacation Overdue!

I felt it prudent to mention this (more like to warn you), and only realized a few minutes ago that I haven't done it yet! (Silly me...)
The 'Parental Unit' and I are taking a vacation, so if you check back here during the next two weeks, it'll be like getting stuck watching somebody's holiday slides (since, in essence, you would be watching holiday slides)... you know the kind, just as you think you're going to be set free (after being stuck for two hours with "And here we are in front of this building... and here we are in front of the statue in front of the building... and here we are..."), they "miraculously" find the missing box of slides, and you're trapped like a rat on a glue trap.
My sister always likes a day-by-day account of our trip, so I figured I'd just post it on here instead of through email. It's an experiment, and it may not work out, but I'm going to try it, especially since I plan on taking video on this trip... and, in case you didn't know, we're taking a road trip to Washington DC!
We're all really excited about it, and we're feeding off each other's pre-vacation excitement, so we're all like topless puppies right now.

In other news...

And here's a final oddball thought, if you care to read it.
It's called email, and it makes sense... why didn't e-epistle ever catch on? It should have, but it didn't.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Edible Edward...

It's Edward, it's tea, life is good.
Yes, you heard me right, Edible Edward tea, available here.
Irish Breakfast, coconut, and caramel. Not what I'd choose, but I'm of the opinion that tea shouldn't be messed with. (As I type, I'm delightfully sipping my Barry's Gold Blend, and I need another cup!)
They also have a video of some feller doing a taste test of the tea, if you're interested.

In other news, I woke up singing this song this morning...

You haven't lived 'til you've heard 300 fangirls singing this at top volume at 2:30 AM...
By the way, if you ever go inside the St. Louis Arch, NEVER make pipe bomb jokes. (Don't ask...)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Buzzcocks Will Never Be The Same...

I just received this email from Simon Amstell...

I am Simon Amstell. Here is some news, should you be interested in this sort of thing. I will not be hosting another series of the fun pop quiz, ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’.
When I first took on the role of hosting ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’, my only hope was to bring joy and laughter to the world and if I was lucky, put an end to war, disease and poverty. Now that I have achieved that, I plan to concentrate on my live work.
Thank you.
Please now continue to enjoy your life as best you can.
Good evening.

And now, let's take a moment to reflect on the good times we've shared.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hair We All Are...

Before you read any further down on this post, I would like to make a disclaimer.
I don't often follow celebrities (except Apollo C. Vermouth, but you knew that). I try to keep clear of any Hollywood news, I don't know much about the modern pop stars, and I really could care a flying fig, considering most of them belong to the Hippity Hoppity Brigade (thank you, Stephen Fry).
That being said, you may continue.

Ol' Russ amazes again! Watch, enjoy...

Now, here's a video from a concert "BritBrit" performed last night in California...

This song says everything I could have, and it'll save you time.

(As a side note, this song is one of my dad's favorites, so it's been sung several hundred times during every road trip I can ever remember being on. Really, ever.)

In other news, this isn't related to ANYTHING at all, but I've been chortling to myself (OK, it's more of a good old fashioned laugh) since I saw this, and I HAD to share it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The (British) Breakfast Of Champions...

This is where I first heard of Weetabix, if you care to watch...

I was intrigued, I had to look it up. Ever since then, I've been using Weetabix in my terrible jokes, since most Americans don't know what it is, and it adds to their confusion (which is really what I aim for).
Skip forward to last week.
We're at Market Street, getting cereal, of all things, when what do I find? (Three guesses, go on...)
On the shelf, next to organic Alpha-Bits (or whatever it was), Weetabix. I knew we had to try this, and so we have.
I must admit, when I first saw the biscuit, it reminded me of particle board. Me, being an idiot, tried to eat this thing without milk at first... let's just say, if you decide to try it, don't do that.
Anyway, the point is, we've got 22 of these things left, and we're trying to get creative (I hear it's tasty with warm milk). Not only that, but we're starting to turn the whole family onto this unusual biscuit breakfast.

Why, you may ask, did I decide to do a pointless blog about foreign cereal?
It tickles me.

And now, something completely different.

(I'm on a Band On The Run kick, don't mind me...)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Secret Life Of Wiggle Whang...

I was weened on HGTV. I realize, however, that I'm terrible to watch home renovation shows with, since I don't hold back on my opinions from everything to paint colors, crown molding, and landscape design (which I apologize for frequently).
That being said, House Hunters is one of my favorite shows. My mother and I have been watching since it first aired in '99, and over the years, the show's host, Suzanne Whang, has been the brunt of many jokes in our house.
She does this thing when she's on camera... it's a kind of wiggle thing, I don't really know what it is, or why she does it, but she does. That's how she got the nickname Wiggle Whang.
Well, the new episodes of House Hunters are MISSING Wiggle Whang. (I know, I know, keep your gasps inside.)
So, I had to go to IMDb and see what the hell was WRONG with this universe. House Hunters WITHOUT Wiggle Whang? It's an OUTRAGE! (She's been replaced with a faceless overdub, which I have named 'The Voice of God'...)
While there, I checked out her mini biography (ironically written by her), and found it slightly disturbing. For those who don't really care to read the whole thing, I'll paraphrase. Brace yourself. Suzanne Whang : Stand-up Comic.
I had to investigate further.
Prepare your eyes for this...

Well, I suppose you know what I did... I went to those websites!
If you want a laugh, I suggest you visit them, too... it's too good to miss!
Although, maybe it's just because I've been watching her for the last 10 years, but it's kinda funny to see what she does when she's not being Wiggle Whang.

And now, for something completely different.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beg Pardon?

I can't hear you without my Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid...
Go watch the ad, it's hilarious! They played it Friday night during The Golden Girls, and I found it to be so funny that I ran it back (especially when the guy drives by in the convertible... what a gas!).
I picture a scene rather like this, but it's Lee Majors tinkering around with hearing aid parts instead of... well, just watch.

On a totally unrelated note, Ginger, this was what I was referring to while you were doing the Laughing Cow Boogie...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Through The Courtesy Of Fred's Two Feet...

Who here is familiar with the Flintstone vitamins? I know I sure am (I always hated those things, yuck!). Having always been certifiably insane, and psychotically methodical, I had a pattern I would work with. All of the grape Dino shapes would go first, then any Dino would do until I ran out. After that, since I had to take two a day, I would have to match them up (Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty, etc...), again, grape first.
Well, my sister, bless her, is taking the Flintstones vitamins (not in an effort to recapture her childhood, she's not that loony), and has just sent me a slightly disturbing photo.
When, may I ask, did Gazoo (yeah, that annoying little green alien that was really just the series' Oliver) get his own shape?
This development would have thrown off the system COMPLETELY!

In other news, did you hear about this? What a riot! (Everybody loves Paul!)
Speaking of Paul, Winnie the Pooh has been replaced by this song today... I just woke up singing it, and I'm sure I shall annoy everybody with it over the next few days...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

National Eggs Benedict Day!

Yes, today, April 16, is National Eggs Benedict Day! Go figure, right?
Drown your sorrows from Tax Day in eggy goodness! Or, better yet, laugh about this picture, then we'll drown our guilt in hollandaise sauce...

In other news, am I the only one that saw this video of Russell Brand? What a nice guy.

And speaking of things that have been on my mind lately, I've been singing this song the past few days for heaven knows what reason...

Oh, lookit! Men in white coats are coming up the driveway!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uncle Sam Wants Paying...

It's April 15... don't forget everybody's favorite Uncle!


Have a listen as you address the envelope...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lego My Jesus!

It's Easter! Yay!

Nothing says I Love Jesus like a lego statue!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Think They Have A Cream For That...

A trip to Amarillo can sure stimulate the old thinktank, and my sister and I are always happily jibber-jabbering about some odd subject or other (just a minute ago, she sent me a weird YouTube video over the IM titled 'BANZAI - The Blessed Bucket of Bibles Bet'... what, it's how we bond!).
As we were out and about (or, if you're Canadian, oot and aboot), the subject somehow turned to Jonathan Ross. She tells me she doesn't know who Jonathan Ross is, and makes a wild guess that he's the host of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I laugh, planning my next blog, and just how to educate my sister on such matters as British comedians and what shows they host. (What a gas!)
So, seester o'mine, in this first video, we have Simon Amstell. You know, the guy that actually DOES host Buzzcocks.

And THIS is Jonathan Ross, host of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (clever title, doncha think?)...

Now, wasn't that fun?

Oh, and in honor of the little girl at Sears today, I dedicate the presentation of this video...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Goosepimple Bone...

I'm a current event freak (especially during election year, but that's another story), so I check the news quite often through the day (Dow was up 246 points last I checked!). My favorite place for news (besides FOX, of course...) is MSNBC. They've got such a customizable homepage that I get everything I want to see, in the order I want to see it... and that Market Ticker thing is great to watch (some days).
Well, the Travel Page is one of my favorites, and the headline 11 Mind-Altering Vacations drew me in. My definition of mind-altering is different from their idea of mind-altering, though. I figured it would be natural wonders or insightful or interactive museums... nope. They're CONDONING drugs. (You know, illegal substances, not Sudafed.) A legitimate news organization is telling you it's OK to escape your problems with, and I quote, "trippy tutorials on the meaning of this topsy-turvey life". There's even a disclaimer to take your lawyer's phone number, and consult your doctor before heading off on a hallucinogenic vacation!
This is just insanity.
What's more, I decided this was just too crazy, and had to check out the first place they suggested... I look, and they've got this broken up into four sections: The Buzz, Where To Score, Where To Chill, and Where To Come Down.
I just can't wrap my law-abiding brainbox around this one. This sounds like something Russell Brand would have LOVED to put in his radio show (boy, I miss that weekly dose of innocent absurdity).
Here's to hoping this doesn't become a fad.

I think this video fits nicely with this post, too...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, they would be if I pulled this particular fire alarm...
They might as well have said this...

And we can't talk about fire without mentioning THIS little spitfire (and terrible lip syncher)...

I'll bet this is what it's like being in Noel Fielding's brain...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Man In The Radio Is Playing A Song...

While perusing the world wide spiderweb this fine eve, I happened to stumble upon a nifty-spiffy thing called Voices Of The Beatles Macca Radio (rather a mouthful, although, I'm sure it would make a little more sense if the schmuck that came up with that title had put some punctuation in there somewhere...), which has played (in the short amount of time I've been listening) all sorts of groovy numbers from the likes of the Anthology series, and the Live At The BBC set, among solo tracks from the Fabs, and, of course, the album cuts.
At the moment, they're playing Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast With The Beatles, which I have missed immensely since I last heard it about eight years ago (Dumas doesn't really pick up Amarillo radio that well...).
I shall be experimenting with this over the next few days, but so far, I'm really enjoying it!

You know, this post feels rather naked without some kind of video... since we're all feeling warm and fuzzy, how about this?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here, There, And In Polish...

Yes, like the sausage, pickle, and Pope.
Today's eBay auction made me laugh my arse off... an album entitled 'Ewa Bem Loves The Beatles'. Well, if this Ewa Bem loved The Beatles so damn much, she most likely wouldn't have done this to anything of theirs.
Jeez, by the sounds of it, this lady needs the Spirit of Jazz to stop by for a visit...

Enjoy the original version of melodic bliss...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

July 21, 2009 = AWESOMETASTIC

Why, you may ask, shall it be awesometastic? Well, BBC Video finally pulled their heads from their behinds and put The Mighty Boosh Series 1 in Region 1 DVD (USA format)!

Now, they need to do seasons 2 and 3... quickly!
Let's just hope they don't do what they did with The IT Crowd, where they put it off for nearly two years!
Speaking of The IT Crowd, Series 2 will be released (also in R1) on June 30th!
A clip from my favorite episode, The Dinner Party...

I see people are realizing American humor just ain't funny!

Where's The Ringo Lovin'?

Apparently it wasn't at Radio City Music Hall this evening...
There's something sad about that video... although, I don't blame the fans. I had the opportunity to see Ringo once, when he and the All Starr Band were in Amarillo, and turned it down... I stayed 11 hours in a van, and evaded police and hotel security just to watch Paul's Bronco. (I know, I'm a sad, pathetic human being.)
I think this video applies to poor Ringo today...

I mean, come on, did Ringo ever do anything like this?

I think NOT.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Go-Go Dancing Lobster...

To protect all parties involved, I shall not mention how I came to know the clip you are about to see.
At this point in the program, I'm so completely intrigued by the song at the end, I know I'll find out more about it in the immediate future, but for now, I'm still thinking it's a little too random, even for me (I know, keep your gasps of utter surprise within for the moment).
Without further ado, may I present to you, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show! (My recommendation to you would be to fast forward to around the three minute mark.)

See, your life will never be the same after watching this, will it?
Want to find out more? (I did.)
The Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show's official website and Wikipedia page.
Personally, I think it's a rip off the The Mighty Boosh Crimps... except not funny.
And I think we all remember what happened when Sugar Puffs ripped off the Boosh...
it wasn't pretty.
A small sample...

Now, that's more my speed!
I especially loved how they fit in the Jean Claude Jaquettie Crimp, as it's my favorite.

In other news, I've been singing this all day, I can't get it out of my head, and I'm not really bothered by that fact.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's April Fool's Day. I cannot let this day escape without mentioning Nutopia!

The Nutopian Flag...

The Great Seal Of Nutopia...

So, go declare yourself a Nutopian citizen... what'll it hurt, it's for world peace!
And after you've done that, please stand for the playing of the Nutopian International Anthem...

The Pound Is Sinking...

For some reason or other, I read this yesterday (and haven't got it out of my head, really) and thought it worth mentioning on my blog.
As a tea drinker myself, I can understand not wanting to go anywhere without some!
I certainly hope those protesters keep their heads and don't get into any trouble... they got the word out just by taking tea, there isn't any need to do more.
I can't think of a more fitting video than this one, so enjoy the weirdness that is to follow...

All this jibber-jabber about the pound, and here Dollar Tree has went and made itself accessible to the world wide web, as it were.
Everything's still a buck, and free shipping to your local store, but my question is how much shipping is if you don't HAVE a local store... let that one warp your brainbox.

Ricky The K's Solid Gold Time Machine

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)