Monday, April 25, 2011

"Psychosis Express" Now Showing In HD!

Before I go any further... how awesome is the title "Psychosis Express"?
I feel a title for my memoirs.
I have been busier than Mike the Chicken.
Busier than this guy.

I have been dealing with three absolutely incapable professors during this semester, and a few administrative wankers that cannot seem to pull their heads out of their arses long enough to tell the time of day (really, how can a moron like me be better at their jobs than they are?), and it's kept my hands pretty full. The end, however, is in sight (thank the Powers That Be!), and I'm trying to get back into the swing of living a real life.
I'm not here to talk about the filthy black hole of college suck, though; we're going to talk about SPRING!
While I've been slaving my life away for the sake of a few measly hours of college credit, Life has been growing outside! I've seen it as I sneak guilty peeks out my window and think of how The Man is stealing all the time for creative things like writing, photography, and art from my life (folks like me don't do well in an academic environment).
I have been on a couple of quick photo safaris during the season, and that's what we're sharing today.
Would you like to see some pretty things?
Then watch the slideshow.

So, what else have we been up to at Fusspot Farm?
Not much, really.
We got a spiffy little cable that hooks our computers up to the television.
I've got to say, the blog looks pretty keen in 1080p.
My mother laughed when I showed her this. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or not.

So does the new Plain White T's video...

If you haven't gotten their latest album, what the ruddy hell are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? GO.
If you loved Every Second Counts, you're gonna love Wonders Of The Younger (it's like his big brother on steroids).

That, and we're gearing up for The Royal Wedding.
I don't care if this is finals week, I have declared April 29th
a holiday at Fusspot Farm. I'm baking a cake, we're gettin' up at my usual bedtime,
and we're going to have ourselves a right royal good time (pun intended).
Thus far, I have not decided whether we're going to tune in to BBC America or Fox.
On one hand, BBC will probably have really great coverage, but, on the other,
I just love Shepard Smith. I remember when he was arrested!
I'll bet that was the happiest day of Carl Cameron's life.
And that's why he spent the next eight years in Crawford.
"Dear God, not another FOUR YEARS in Crawford."

My guess is that we'll switch back and fourth until the thing really kicks off.
In anticipation for this Friday, I've been looking at some Royal souvenirs to occupy my brain.

I've also been planning some pretty gear material for the blog.
I've been holding these posts back for just a little while, but it shouldn't be long, now.
Have a listen to this song while I give you a preview.

I just introduced my mother to The Redwalls, and I do believe I have created a monster.
I'll put it this way: she just asked me if I was watching Pirate Radio without her.
This means big love around our house.


Why, I believe it's the Music Nerd Octopus and Pete Townshend. That's right. It's gonna be pretty awesometastic.
You'll have to wait for a little longer, though.
The anticipation is palpable.
Reginald Kitty is not amused.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Love Knows No Bounds

If you don't want to read through an entire music nerd post, I suggest you leave now.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Are you ready now?

We're talking Paul in this post.
Yep. Paul. That adorable, wonderful, blessing-from-the-highest-of-powers Paul. The Precious. The musical love of my life. Paul.

I don't know what to say, really; this is such a difficult subject.
Before I say anything, just know this: my family is totally insane.
Here's my best shot.

Paul. Vegas. June 10th.
We're there.

Here's the story.
The rumor mill has been buzzing around a Vegas show since Thanksgiving, so I've been watching intently. With recent announcements for South American dates, the Vegas rumors cooled off, until just a few days ago. Somebody heard from somebody, from somebody, the telephone game, et al, that something was going to happen June 10th, at the MGM in Las Vegas.
This information matched up with prior rumors, so I thought nothing of it until evidence started to explode right before our very eyes over this past week.
At first, I took this practical proof that the show was going to happen as evidence that Paul was planning something else stateside (my theory at the moment is that he'll head up Seattle way this summer), so I would keep my eyes open.
I shared this information with my mother, and my entire universe snowballed into the stressful event of Paul McCartney pre-sale.
After a lot of high tension kerfuffle (some words were said, and I hope my mother doesn't remember them), and some Buford common sense, we have secured FABULOUS tickets, and a hotel reservation.
I Google Image'd "excitement", and this came up.
I suppose this is accurate.

So, that's been my morning.
I realize, of course, that unless you have been through a Paul pre-sale, you cannot understand the experience. If you have been through a Paul pre-sale, you will understand the... well, it. Words do not express what pre-sale is like. I know, I've tried in the past. You may remember the Paul-ticipation post from last June, which is the closest I've ever gotten to coherent speaking on such matters.
If I can't explain it, why am I writing a post about it?
So I can use this picture again.
Sweet lizard with an afro, I LOVE THIS MAN.

This is really a huge stretch for us right now, but we're going for it.
After all, it's Paul McCartney!
This is not an accurate expression of all the looooooove in this house right now.

Now, excuse me while I collapse.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wonderful Carousel Of Color (Color, Color, Color)

Two weeks ago, I was met with my usual Sunday Funnies. You know, colorful, wonderful, Sunday Funnies.
Ahh, innocence!

Yes, in my world, the comics are still the funny papers. I also call movies "picture shows". Apparently, in my little universe, we're still fighting the Commies.

I have always looked forward to reading the funnies; even as a wee one, I would look with keen interest at the funny papers. Such wonders! The funny papers were actually still funny then.
Long ago, far away, our po-dunky little newspaper would put on a decent spread for Sunday funnies: your average folded page, and one inserted page in the middle (I'm sure this has a name, but, hell, what's it matter at this point?).
At the time, three of the four people in our house would read the funnies, so if you didn't get to 'em first, they were folded, creased, and generally disheveled. This annoyed my growing OCD, so I liked to be the first to get hold of the paper. That, and if you weren't careful, someone would tell you what the six differences were in the games section. That, however, is a different story, which I shan't bore you with now.
This was my childhood.

What always pleased me most was that, unlike their daily counterparts, the Sunday funnies were always in color!

Yeah, I used to watch this, too. 'Cause the Disney Channel used to be freaking awesome.

So, since I have always had a pattern for reading the funnies, I followed it, just as normal: the front page, the back page, then open it up to finish it off.
Everything was going just swell on the front and back pages, but when I opened the paper up, I was met with a mixture of confusion and disbelief.

The inside of the paper was, dare I say it, printed in black and white.
Don't get me wrong, I'm keen on black and white, man, but the Sunday funnies ain't no Ginger Rogers picture...

I find it a great shame they didn't even show Allan Lane in this trailer. Am I alone on this one?

At first, I chocked it up to being a mistake during printing.
"Surely they'll have fixed this by next week," I thought to myself.
Well, next week became this week. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH HAD ARRIVED.
I read the front and the back pages in color...

...before opening up the paper to find this.
It's like the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy gets back to Kansas and everything is sepia tone again. Or like this M&Ms commercial.

Even I don't know how I remembered this. Go figure.

Since the funny pages I remember from my days of being much shorter and dumber, the inserted page has been eliminated, and the strips have been scaled down to such a minuscule size, even young eyes like mine need glasses to read the text.
Those things were overlooked. Desperate times, and all that jazz.
Printing the Sunday funnies in black and white? This one is just a little too much.
Too. Much.
Reginald Kitty is not amused.

Putting this atrocity against a not-so-distant childhood aside, it leaves a giant question for me: if newspapers - in particular, our local paper - are on the rapid decline (for good reason, but we won't get into that right now), why the hell are they pulling stupid stunts like this?
"Well, maybe it saves money", says the voice in my head.
"Costs, more like!" says my business sense "If you had a subscription, you'd cancel because of this insanity! How many others will do the same?"
Let's be honest, business sense has a point; after all, I already read my favorite strips online during the week anyway. And guess what? When they're online, EVEN THE WEEKDAY FUNNIES ARE IN COLOR.

So, newspapers of the world, take heed of this message: leave the damn funnies alone, already!

Farewell, newspapers, for you have served us well.

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)