Friday, June 18, 2010

Who's My Favorite Birthday Boy?

It's official. This blog talks way too much about our Paulie.
Don't think it's exclusive to the blog, though... I'm just as bad in person, except I have to explain the videos that I see in my head, rather than just embedding them here.
There are worse things to talk about than Paul, though. We could talk about the global economy, the BP oil disaster, or why Kate Gosselin creeps her way into international headlines on MSNBC ('cause that bugs me).

This is not what you were going to blog about, was it, Assbutt?

No, Reginald Kitty, it wasn't what I was going to blog about.
Let's get back to talking about Paul.
Why, you may well ask?
Because it's his BIRTHDAY! And how often do we get to wish The Babyface a happy birthday? Yes, I realize it's once a year, but you get the point.

So, raise your teacup high, and toast the cuteness...

...the advertising campaigns...

...but, most importantly, the ongoing life of The Precious!

Happy Birthday, Love! Another forty more, m'kay?

Oh, by the way... were you wondering where Assbutt came from?
Now you know.

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