Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fireball Run Ran Into Dick, Jane, Vampires, Ellie The Dope Dog, And The ZomBeatles

That title was worth the admission price alone, if you ask me.
We've been very busy indeed this week!
Seester, Q, and I went out to see the Fireball Run crowd, including such lovely cars as the Batmobile, and the Delorean. Unfortunately, regardless that we were waiting for them twenty minutes before they were even set to arrive, we had missed them by an hour.
All we got out of it was a photo from the Stuart Title guy of the Flux Capacitor (and even then, it's only a guess, since he had no idea what we were talking about)...
...but we still had a lovely day, regardless!

In other news, we had a dope dog at the house today.

It's best not to ask why the dope dog was here, but more to consider it a perk to my Daddy's profession. That being said, Ellie didn't find anything in the car she was searching (which, by the way, does not belong to us)...

...but she certainly did find the pot her handler planted in the wheel afterward...

She also got to play in our front yard after she had finished working...

...which really annoyed our three little girls after Ellie left...

And now...

Have you seen Dick and Jane and Vampires at your local bookshop yet?
I have.
I bought it.
Yes, it's as awesome as you think it is.
Don't believe me? Here's a sample illustration...

I was hoping to find a trailer for this book, as I have with the other Dick and Jane funsies; this time, no such luck. I did, however, find this incredibly hilarious video. These guys know a little something about the Fabs (take particular note from the 1:14 to 1:50 time stamps... I had to pause the video I was laughing so hard)

This seems like the perfect intro to talking about Paul!
Are you excited?

Some lucky ducky pre-ordered her copy of the super-dee-duper, awesometastic, HOLY-CRAP-THIS-IS-EXCITING Band on the Run remaster. I'm proud to say I'll be getting the Deluxe version; I suggest everybody check it out, 'cause it WILL be worth every single penny. What I find most exciting about these Paul remasters is that the same team that remastered The Beatles catalogue did Paul's, too. And, if you haven't guessed, I'm REALLY happy with the Beatles tracks; of course, it's been too long since we got to talk about those... don't think I've forgotten, either! I took copious notes (six double-sided, tiny-print pages worth, actually) during our South Padre Island trip, and haven't had the time this week to talk about it. Next week, though, we're going to delve into that, never fear. I'm looking forward to it... it's the perfect excuse to go all nerdy about each album.

On that note, I've discovered the iTunes equalizer presets, and have just gone nutty playing with them.
This has been keeping me entertained for, quite literally, hours at a stretch.
Not only testing the different options (bass/treble enhancer/reducer, vocal booster, acoustic, et al), but testing them on our different Bose systems; you'd be surprised at how different the full size Bose sounds from the headphones (AKA, Rodger and Allan, respectively). Two different worlds.
However... this has turned me into a spoiled little monkey, indeed. If I feel like I need to dust off a vocal, I just go into the presets and have a ball! I've got page after page of notes about the different options with certain songs or albums, and I'm trying to make up my mind on a few right now. I'm having a particularly hard time with this song...

I've switched between Spoken Word and Bass Reducer for the last three days.
We're going out of town again in the not-so-distant future.
The pressure is ON.

I leave you to ponder the meaning of life...
...and this adorkable clip of The Precious ('cause NOTHING gets done around here without him... it's the LAW).

I swear, if that man got any cuter, I'd just have to curl up in a ball and die.

As an aside, I am ashamed that Blogger does not recognize Batmobile, Delorean, iTunes, funsies, adorkable, or awesometastic as words.
For shame, Blogger, for shame.

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