Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ken Jennings = Made Of Awesome...

Who here remembers Ken Jennings?
Oh, of COURSE you do!

Yeah, that guy!
Oh, how I loved to pop a bag of popcorn, sit down with my giant mug of iced tea, and watch him on "Jeopardy!" (I saw 73 of his 75 appearances on the show... yes, I was a follower, what's it to you?)... wait, I still like to pop a bag of popcorn, sit down with my giant mug of iced tea and watch "Jeopardy!"... but that's another story.
ANYWAY... the point is that I like to keep an eye on Mr. Jennings. While I was looking at his amazon.com Author's Page, I found the link that made my Bloggy Senses start to tingle.
That's right, dudes and dudettes, Ken Jennings has his own blog! This is sure to be a cracking time for us all! If you hadn't noticed, I'm VERY EXCITED about this... probably too excited... moving on!

Switching gears now... this past week, one of my favorite authors (and I hope one of yours), JD Salinger, passed away. It's hard to feel sorry for him, he was ninety-one years old for cheese's sake, but a loss none the less.
It's hard to say we'll miss him, since he hasn't published any new material since the Johnson Administration (yes, I measure everything by Presidential Administrations... would you have preferred me to say he hadn't published anything since Rubber Soul? Didn't think so.)... in fact, I'm rather curious to see what's been hiding in the Salinger Vault these last forty-five years. We'll probably hear more from him now he's gone than when he was living.
And now, Mr. Feeny will recite a poignant tribute...

Well said, Mr. Feeny, well said.

In related news (PULL OUT THE KODAK, IT'S RELEVANT!), as I was reading the Confessions Of A Trivial Mind Blog (yes, Ken Jennings... keep up with the program!), I found this post that made me double over with laughter. Why would it cause me to dissolve into a puddle of hysteric mush, you ask? I've got a story along the same lines.
Read his post, or you'll never understand this next bit.

Did you read it?
Five days ago, I get a call from my sister. I'll paraphrase, but it went something like this.

Sister : My condolences (in reference to Mr. Salinger's passing).
Me : Yes, I heard about that earlier today. That's alright, we'll get to read what he's been up to all these years.
S : Well, I deserve condolences today, too.
M : Why?
S : Zelda Rubinstein died.
M : Who?
S : The Gypsy in the Poltergeist!
M : Ahhh, okie dokie then, umm, my condolences (because, in my sister's mind, the death of a tormented literary genius [rather redundant phrase, admittedly... all literary geniuses are tormented... they suffer for their art] and a midget from an 80's cult movie are in the same league... that sister 'o mine is just ADORABLE!).

I leave you now with a song ('cause I've been singing it for days, and it just won't go away!)...

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)