Sunday, March 14, 2010

Netspeak, And The People Who Don't Use It...

I have often said I am completely out of touch with my own generation. To be honest, I really prefer it that way; we've not yet done a damn thing to be proud of (Mac geeks excluded, of course), we're still just a drain/headache to society.
That being said, I would like for you to look at this comic from last Sunday's funny papers (because it's still 1932 at our house, and we call them the funny papers)...
Flo & Friends
Did YOU understand what was being said in frame two?
If you did, you're a member of the hip club.
I didn't, therefore, I am a member of the hip replacement club.
Always on the quest to expand my vocabulary, I went to the handy-dandy for answers.
There are several entries for "ND", so I'm relying on guesswork as I loosely translate :

Girl 1 : Oh, yeah. She asked if I'd bring my MP3 (as an aside, don't we just call MP3 players iPods? Like we say Band-Aids or Kleenex, not bandage or disposable tissue... 'cause, technically, we'd have to call them MP3, MP4, and AAC players if that weren't the case) and that new Lady Gaga.
Girl 2 : She just wrote back and said : Oh my God, I'm not down, but it's no big deal. How 'bout you? See you later. Lots of laughter.

Am I wrong, right, or half-assed? Have we been educated in modern slag (fab gear, man, really swingin'), or are you cursing the few minutes you've wasted reading this drivel?
Should I continue to wonder why it's so damn hard for people to just TYPE what they want to say, instead of coming up with an ineffective language?
Should I play some Billy Joel?

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)