Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I try not to get into politics here; this is neither the place nor format to deal with any kind of political issue. Sure, I'll talk about changing text books, and rubbish like that, but I try to avoid the heavier issues.
Today is not one of those days.
I went to look at just a few minutes ago, curious at what the DJIA closed at today, what with the whole approval of off-shore wind farming and cap on mortgage interest rates in the news today (that, and the Dow dipped below the 11,000 mark yesterday, so I had to see if it would make it back to 11,000).
Imagine my shock when I see a picture similar to this one in the video section...

Do you notice anything missing about the President's person?
Yep. Now you see it, don't you?

He is the President, therefore, he represents the entire nation to the rest of this big, bad world.
He is standing behind the Presidential lectern, before the American and Presidential flags.
This was a planned, out-of-state event.
Out of respect for the Office of the President of the United States AND those who held the post before him, why isn't he wearing a tie?

Sure, I'm incredibly conservative... hell, I'm proud to have "Republican" stamped in bold red ink above my signature on my Voter Registration Card; I still adhere to the Constitution because, when followed, it WORKS.
HOWEVER, like so many folks before me, and the slew of people after I'm gone, I do everything I can to respect the Presidential Office... it's synonymous with respect toward the nation as a world power, so far as I'm concerned.
It's just too damned unfortunate that our own President doesn't show the same kind of respect.

You tell 'em, Ronnie!

Carry on, good citizens.

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