Friday, December 31, 2010

Snappy Goo Year!

Should old acquaintance be forgot?
And never brought to mind?
Most definitely.

We're a little bit too Rock 'N' Roll for Auld Lang Syne, so how about a swingin' alternative?

As a personal Hogmanay to myself, I like to recap the year before it's final hour.
Not only is it a chance to reflect on the last three hundred sixty-five days (or -sixty-six, whatever), but it can make for some pretty interesting blog material.

There are always things that don't make their way to the blog (directly, anyway); take, for example, the televised images of 2010.
Here's a small sample of what was lighting up my television screen this year...

Five minutes into this film, I paused the disc, and loudly exclaimed "I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE!"

...the sounds filling our headphones...

...and the memories that tie it all together...

A small breakdown of adventures, if you're interested...

February - Fort Davis/Midland-Odessa area (feel sorry for us)
March - Phoenix for PAUL!
May - VEGAS, BABY! Oh, and Red River.
July - Denver for PAUL!
August - Albuquerque day trip (oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that)
September - South Padre Island/San Antonio, Austin
October - Colorado for fall foliage, Austin/San Antonio
December - Colorado Winter Excursion (yeah, we haven't talked about that yet, either)
And, of course, another holiday season without killing people!


How much of the year we skipped in this silly little post, I don't know; I'm sure it's quite a lot, since you can cram all kinds of boring drivel into that time frame.
And, I have to say, as far as years go, 2010 was beautiful. If you'd have told me last year that I was describing this year as beautiful, I'd have to have asked what was going to happen to make it so.
So, for last-year-me, the only thing I can tell her is I don't have any sodding idea. I just know it was great.
And, going into 2011, I've got a good feeling. Every day, in every way, it's getting better.

So, from everybody here...
Yes, even Reginald Kitty. That does not mean he is amused, though.

...we wish you a rockin' new year, and hope you'll stick around to share in our year, too (we've got some pretty gear stuff planned, so it shouldn't be too terribly boring. Besides, if you're reading this to begin with, we're all probably cut from the same bolt of crazy, so it's all kosher)!

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)