Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bloody Fantastic Remasters!

When I plan a post like this, I am reminded of the evening that my sister set up this blog. As she was working her magic, I thought to myself "If you actually ever use this stupid thing, try not to put too much Paul in it". (Please, suppress your laughter. And while we're on the subject of that adorable man, here's an interesting article from the Liverpool Echo...)
Sucky segway aside, we're going to talk about the Beatles remasters!
I've already got the whole catalog (a wonderful Christmas present from a few years ago), both in stereo and mono (an enhanced direct-needle drop version from Germany... much better than the 1980's remasters), yet, knowing it was quite an expensive indulgence ("FOR SOMETHING I ALREADY HAVE", I still scream at myself), I was somehow convinced to get the new fancy schmancy version... I'm still trying to work out how that happened... but when I listen to these 30 second clips from Amazon, I realize I don't care WHY I caved, I just find myself wanting more! (And what EMI guy can I thank for the previews being Revolver and The White Album? Genius marketing on their part.)
I'm excited to say I got the mono versions (as I find them FAR superior to stereo), if anything for the mere fact that The Fabs recorded in mono until '69, therefore, you get the album as they intended it to be heard, not from some studio mixers (who got zero input from the band, and about as much from their producer, George Martin).
The only drawback is I won't be getting them on the release date (9-9-09... that's fun to type, try it sometime), but will have to wait until October for them (they'll be a birthday present... if my dear Mummie hadn't known whether I'd like the mono or stereo versions, I probably wouldn't know about all this...)

I'm done fangirling (for now), so let's switch gears, shall we?
How about candy blood bags?
It brings to mind an episode of Tales From The Crypt that I caught recently (what a fun show from my early childhood! Ginger would come home from school for lunch, and when she wasn't watching Saved By The Bell, we would watch Tales From The Crypt together... it was a thing of ours)...
unfortunately, YouTube doesn't have a single clip from that gruesome installment for me to add, however, if you are interested in the full episode, head here.
Well, I can't mention Tales From The Crypt without adding a clip! Preposterous! I've always held a special place in my TV viewing heart for The Crypt Keeper (whatever happened to that guy?)... this will just have to do.

You know, I didn't remember until I saw the full intro, but I always wanted to live in that house... you know, spruce it up a bit, give it a swish round with a hearty feather duster... it could be a beautiful place! Although, at five years old, my favorite show (and it remains my favorite American show) was The Munsters, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Random song time! (Some guy requested this song on the radio the other day, and I can't get it out of my head!)

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)