Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Uneventful Monkey Hunt...

I thought our trip to Amarillo this morning was going to be one of those drab affairs... you know the kind, nothing interesting, running from place to place, that kind of thing.
The plan was that I was to help Ginger load her dogs into their Jeep when they had to get out for the realtor, and Mama would go with Grandy to the doctor. Yes, definitely a drab affair... until we got "THE CALL".
My mother says she's seen a monkey on the loose, and that it jumped into a juniper bush down the block.
Now, you may think she needs a CAT scan, but if my mother says she saw a monkey, by God, she saw a monkey.
The problem is that there are several juniper bushes on Ginger and Cole's block, so we had to go a-hunting. We found a couple of puppy dogs, but nothing out of the ordinary.
So, the little feller didn't want to play nicely? We brought in The Hound (Lucy) and a stick.
Unfortunately, a little old lady was out in her front yard at the time, so we couldn't very well start beating her shrubbery, screaming "Come out, monkey! Come on!".
So ends another uneventful monkey hunt... although, if you know of anybody that might be missing a monkey...

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