Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blast From My Past...

Boredom is a terrible beast. It makes you do crazy things, like cello-taping your lips together, or drawing moustaches on the models in the Blair catalog.
Well, tonight, with the Christmas music blaring (it's not even the first week of December, and I'm already going mad... I NEED SOME DONOVAN, FOR GOD'S SAKE!), I decided to have fun with Google.
It started out innocently enough, until I decided I would look for one of those they-won't-have-THAT-in-a-thousand-years links.
As a wee naif, when the world was flat, Hanson was topping Billboard, and, God forbid, we'd only just stopped paying for Internet access by the minute (shock of shocks, we even had to use phone lines back then, boys and girls), TV Land also played more than Sanford And Son.
One of my favorite TV Land shows was, of course, The Brady Bunch (and that was only because I was never around when they played The Partridge Family... it probably came on when The Munsters were on Nick at Nite...).
On their website, they had something they called the Brady Slide-O-Matic, which I just went flippy for... it was a real riot, and I suggest you try it out sometime. Of course, you're saying to yourself, this was ten years or more ago, how would we find such a funsie?
Why, right HERE.
Although, looking at this fan remake of the original TV Land version, I see only one major difference... Bobby Brady is MISSING! At least they remembered Jan...
As I said, boredom is a bastard.

As I mentioned above, Christmas music is running rampant at Maniac Manner, and heaven knows how long I'll be able to hold out until I just snap and start blaring my copy of The Kinks Kronicles at full volume (oh, how I'm missing those Davies brothers!)...
In an effort to keep my sanity (stop laughing, Ginger Leigh!), I've been singing this song in my head for the past few days... I hope you enjoy the break from Jingle Bells and Ho, Ho, Ho...

Ahhh... this song does bring back memories... what a summer!

I feel an ending coming up, so it's now time for the Beatles Christmas Record! (YAY!)
We're turning Ricky The K's solid gold time machine all the way back to '68 for this gem, titled Christmas 1968 (how fitting). The first time the lads weren't together in studio to record a Christmas flexi-disc, though it results in a surprise guest (who is exactly who they say, cross me heart and hope to fly!)...

Is It A Subscription Box, Or Something More Sinister? (It's A Subscription Box. Maybe.)