Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gary Mimble!

As I explained in my Thanksgiving post, the Buford family always celebrates the holidays bass ackwards, so, in our little wheelhouses, today is Christmas! Hooray!
'Tis a splendid time of year, for it means that, two days from now, I can play Gary Lewis at full volume again! Even bigger hooray!
Until then...

May your lives be filled with sunshine,
May your every wish come true,
May you find that sweet fulfillment
In everything you do.
May your days be blessed with
The very, very best,
Both now, and the
Whole year through...
May all your days be happy
With a joy that never ends.
May peace and love surround you
At Christmastime, and
All the whole year through!

Now, let us all lift a glass, never look down, and enjoy what's left of this festive season!

And now, much to your delight, it's time for the final Beatles Christmas message (no, now isn't the time for hooray... you should be ashamed!)... we've danced all around 1966, The Christmas Pantomime!
Don't blame me when you end up singing "Everywhere It's Christmas!" into January...
so, sit back with your cup of egg nog (spiked, for your sake and mine!), and enjoy the Panto...


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