Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't Call Robin Page!

Squirrels. Those fuzz covered rodents. A bit of me just loves 'em, and the other bit thinks they'd kill you if you made the wrong move, rather like the Mafia.
Appealing to the part of myself that thinks those hairy rats are cute and cuddly, go have a look at this webcam, The Bad Manor's Squirrel Diner. Don't forget to watch the slideshow! (My personal favorites were the 'No On Prop 8', and the voting booth... genius!)
Now, enjoy the wonderment of Russell Brand and Noel Fielding in the same room (so much hair!)... and yes, it is relevant to squirrels!

I do SO miss the weekly radio show!

In other news, I received one of my Simon Amstell email alerts today, which was hilarious. It was a rather sterile message, stating that tickets for a stand-up gig in July go on sale tomorrow... seemingly normal. I, of course, noticed the typographical error, mentally changed it to the right word, moved on, life was fine.
About an hour later, I get another alert from Mr. Amstell, subject line 'Oh Dear', stating this:


quite recently an email was sent to you containing the word 'formally' which was unfortunately spelt, 'formerly'.
we would like to apologise for any distress this may have caused and promise that it will not occur again.
of course, ultimately we will all be dead and these things won't seem so important but while we are here, we may as well spell words correctly.

thank you.

I think this calls for a Simon Amstell 'Best Of' montage!

Hey, Ginger... LILY ALLEN!

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