Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Gym For Your Face... WHAT?

Graham Linehan is one of Britain's best comedic writers (with such greatness as Father Ted and The IT Crowd under his belt), so it's no wonder his blog is a favorite of mine.
As I was snooping about the Internet last night, I checked his blog, and found this crazy gem... unless you're bored, I wouldn't suggest watching the ENTIRE thing (you'll get the point if you fast forward the dull bits), but if you like slightly off the wall weirdness that doesn't pertain to anything in particular, this is a must!
Just know you have been warned!

What I find MOST disturbing about this, is that one just like was used in that... whatever that was... is selling on eBay, and currently has 6 bids!
Consider this your "Quirks of the Human Race" studies for today.
And, if you're still interested in what Mr. Linehan has to say, you can visit Small Mammal House for EVEN MORE oddities!

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