Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thoughts Of John...

For the past twenty-nine years, December 8 has been remembered as a black day for mankind.
With four shots, the world was altered.
As humans, we feel the need to reflect upon tragedy, and this post is no different from those you may read today, or maybe some you've seen about this past week.
To me, this day has always been the reminder that John actually did die. It's very hard to believe, really. How can someone you hear on the radio, your iPod... who's influence has infiltrated the everyday... how do they die?
The answer: they don't.
Almost three decades later, there are still those of us who have decided to emulate his positive lifestyle... another seed planted in another human mind.
I've even seen it spark a chain reaction... if you are of a peaceful disposition, it'll rub off on people... and in that influence, there's a line drawn back to the life that was taken on this date.
Look even closer than just the average Joe the Plumber... his two sons have become productive, positive members of society, bringing more music to the world (I know I've been enjoying Sean's Friendly Fire, A Film in installments [not quite finished yet, but getting there!], and Julian has an EP out next week).
So, as you go about your business today, take a second to think about life. Your life, your family's lives, your neighbor's... doesn't matter. Just contemplate it for a second.
And, while you're at it, remember to Give Peace A Chance.

I raise my teacup to you, John; thank you for all you've done, and thank you for all you do.

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