Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monkey Balls, DONE!

I let it slip at lunch today (where the title for this blog came from) that I would be taking pictures of the pretty flowers coming out all around our property (and hey, it's an excuse to play with our new camera!), so here is a small sampling of the Springtime beauty all around!
(Due to technical difficulties having nothing to do with the camera, there are only two photos. That doesn't mean there isn't Springtime beauty, though!)

Our Mystery Bush...

The Rampant Purple Weeds...

(These things grow like, well, weeds... in our neighborhood park, and our yard, oddly enough. It's such a pity those little purple flowers don't get recognition as natural beauty, but instead are just called plain ol' weeds.)

In other news, you know those random things that pop into your head when you don't have anything else to occupy that space? (I live it quite often.) Earlier on today, I started thinking of this album I used to have, The Brady Bunch Sunshine Day, some such affair... and I wondered what happened to it. I used to really enjoy that album, but it got lost in the shuffle back when we moved in '01. I used to put it on in my room, background music, you know, so it didn't bother anybody... it was during the time when my sister would play Tabitha's Secret with Dear Joan on repeat (just because she knew it drove me up the wall!), and I'd be in my room with that wacky Brady Bunch (later I came to hate Barry Williams, but that's a personal thing).
Apparently I can get the album on iTunes, so I might have to do that sometime.
In the meantime, have fun with Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy, and Tabitha (no, not from Bewitched).

Can you tell which kid went to public school, and the other didn't?
And it was at this very moment that I realized I've always been an unbearable sap.

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