Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nappy You Hear!

Well, another year has come and gone.
We've seen quite a lot happen in the world...

...but it's always what's closest to home that you think about as the final hours of the year dwindle away.
I always like to break down the year by month, just to see what we can see, and, after examining 2009, I'd say it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

2009 In Review ~

April - Washington DC
May - Washington DC
August - PAUL! (Tulsa and Dallas)
September - Las Vegas!
October - Austin, Colorado Springs
November - Quincy is born!
December - We've survived all the festivities!, Colorado Springs/Wyoming

Well, weren't we busy this year?
How about a year in pictures? I thought you'd never ask!

Take a second to think about what you've done
during the year,
and what you hope to do during the next.
After that, read the Affirmation For 2010!
This, however, is not just the end of another year,
it's the end of a decade.
Everywhere I've been this month,
it's been all about decade in review.
I, however, am not going to do that to you.
You've seen how longwinded I can be about
a good cuppa, of course
I'm not going to subject you, harmless bystander,
to read about an entire decade
(that, and I haven't really paid much
attention, truth be told).
BUT... it has been a great decade, hasn't it?
Does it feel like ten years ago
folks were worrying about Y2K?
I knew kids who's parents were actually gathering
supplies for the big event... what a riot!
I've just said I'm not going to bother with
the entire decade, and I promise, I shan't.
We're moving on now.

Oh, and a small announcement...
please, feel free to blame my mother for what
you are about to read.
With my spiffy new headphones
(which, I'd like to mention, I'm madly in love with...
I named him Allan...
it only makes sense, my iPod's called Edgar
[and you can bet your sweet arse
that I call it Edgar, too!])
and my Beatles remasters in stereo
(she just couldn't resist getting
them for me for Christmas),
you'll be seeing quite a lot of
comparison with mono, stereo,
and my German direct needle drop versions
sprinkled in and around here for a while
(I'll warn you, I spent five hours
with the White Album on Monday).
Yes, blame my mother.

Anyway, Happy New Year, everybody!
May 2010 be even bigger, better,
and more awesometastic than 2009!

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