Friday, May 29, 2009

Elders Of The Internet Need A BEATING...

If I could speak to the Elders of the Internet, I'd be giving them a piece of my mind! Or, more accurately, what's left of it after having to deal with Internet Explorer 8.
If you have a PC, you will most likely have had the "Do you want to install IE8?" box pop up on your monitor. Being the first in the family to be offered the update, I installed it happily. I was actually GLAD to have an update, hoping that it would fix the jumbled up text issue that Vista has. Well, I forgot that the update was coming from Microsoft, the culprits BEHIND the travesty that is Vista.
This blog post is actually just a public service announcement, telling you that IE8 WILL annoy the pants off you. You can't copy/paste, you can't disable any of the new and highly annoying features, and by the end of the experience, you're *THIS CLOSE* to chucking your machine out the window, heading to Best Buy, and getting a Mac, foreign OS or not.
I had to completely uninstall the update just to have the features I use every day. And some unfortunate people have trouble even doing THAT (Vista users, mostly... we suffer in silence until something doesn't go right... which, with Vista, it seems a constant thing. I suppose that would mean we weren't all that silent, but you get the point I'm trying to make).
The point is, stick with IE7. You can thank me later.

All this talk of IE8 has put me in a rotten mood. Perhaps this will help...

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