Friday, March 13, 2009

March 4 Is Officially Awesome Now...

Why? Because, March 4 is National Grammar Day! I just found out about this, or we would have celebrated in our own bloggy way.
I also found these two interesting blogs, The Grammar Vandal, and The "Blog" Of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. I suggest you give them a look if you enjoy pointing out grammar errors... it's a laugh riot! The things some people publish... it just makes you want to shake your head in amazement.

In other news, Paul McCartney is the coolest guy living. Read, enjoy.

Paul texted the Chris Moyles Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning with the following message...

Hi -It's Paul McCartney here. I'm just driving home from the school run. I've just been flagged down by a lady in a Comic Relief t-shirt which I promptly signed for her! I'm also wearing one of the Red Nose Day t-shirts designed by my daughter Stella, with a photo taken by her mum Linda of me and my Beatle buddies featured on the front.

By the way Chris, congratulations on Kylie Manjaro! Keep up the good work. Well done our team.

All the best and cheers,

Here's a picture of Macca in the Red Nose Day '09 shirt...

Wondering what Red Nose Day is? Go here.

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