Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weaved From The Yarn Of Rock...

Ever wanted a John Lennon sweater? Perhaps if you found some of this, you could make one! (Not you, Ginger... yep, that's right, I'm kicking you while you're down.)
Yes, there was John Lennon yarn at one point in time, presumably in Japan.
I've seen a lot of random merchandise in my young life, but this is definitely a top contender.

On a slightly related topic, if you aren't following the one, the only, Matthew Lewis III on Twitter (yes, I do... I like reading his Beatles posts), he put up a picture of himself dressed as John for a costume party, and I have to say, it isn't that bad! He says it's a 'post-Beatles '71-'72' look... more like a '70 look, since the People For Peace armband didn't get many outings after his appearance on Top of the Pops to promote Instant Karma.

That's OK, Mr. Lewis probably doesn't have as much time on his hands as I have.
Here, enjoy the clip from Top of the Pops!

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