Monday, March 9, 2009

Alektorophobia. Oh Yeah, It's A Word.

I was curious about a certain phobia, so I just HAD to look it up.
Ortographobia, or the fear of spelling mistakes, was what I had it in my brainbox to find. While I was doing that, I found this interesting oddity on Yahoo Answers.
Was this sod just trying to be helpful (and stupid), or did he have a good sense of humor? You be the judge.

Ortographobia - Feer of speling mistakes

You tell me.

In other news, isn't it kinda funny that Sesquipedalophobia is what they call the fear of long words?

And for those of you who know what Alektorophobia is, you'll think this is hilarious!

(Now you want to look it up, don't you?)

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