Friday, December 14, 2012

We're Celebrating Our Fruit/Flower Year!

On December 14, 2008, my sister and her husband were at our house for a visit. She had been pestering me for ages to start a blog, because she thought the medium might suit me. Oh, how I resisted! On that day, though, I decided I would try to keep her occupied: "if you set it up, I'll try to use it," was the only promise I made.
Four years, and 353 posts later, I would say I have kept mostly to my word.
Of course, the early days of a blog are horrific; until you find your rhythm, blogging is a tedious, scary world, filled with "how do I edit this HTML code?", coupled with "I must make sure everything is PERFECT". Folks who have taken the time to go back to our first couple of years in the archives have seen things I am not proud of, simply because it took me that long to get the hang of what blogging was all about in the first place. It took a few years, but I think we're all settled in and comfortable now, don't you?

Every year, I try to pick a few of the major topics we've been talking about: for the first anniversary, we talked mostly about Beatles related stuff, and British television; the second anniversary was all about Beatles related stuff, British television, and general musical awesomeness; the third anniversary was, generally, Beatles related stuff, The Bachelor, and general musical awesomeness. Well, at least I'm consistent! The fourth anniversary breaks down as follows:

Total video count: 207

General Randomness videos: 87

Awesome music-related videos: 72

Videos just of Paul McCartney: 18

Videos just of The Beatles: 15

Videos just of John Lennon: 8

Bachelor/ette/Pad related posts: 5

Posts dedicated solely to music: 8

Pictures of my fabulous cookery endeavors: 9

Total slideshow count: 12

Total number of appearances made by Reginald Kitty: 27

Total number of page views from January to the time of writing: 2420

It's hard to believe this blog was started when George W. Bush was still president. Yet, time marches on, and we're still all together on this little piece of the Internet. What started out as just my sister and mother reading the stupid things I would post has turned into quite the little hobby, which is viewed by folks all over the globe (truth be known, that can be rather intimidating). Sometimes, for kicks and giggles, I'll Google Image search the countries this blog receives hits from; I'll just say that some of y'all live in absolutely gorgeous places. With that said, thank you for showing the slightest interest in this strange little blog; if y'all get as big of a laugh from me as I do from you sometimes, then this could keep going for a long while yet.

And now, in the spirit of every Bloggyversary, I have composed a Mr. Gee-esque poem to summarize the last year:

As we transition from year three to four,
I'll check for scary bald men at the door,
and we can reminisce about the last year,
and complain that we're still living here.
Some weeks were busy, even with an extra day,
and life is complete since watching the Lennons play.
TV drove us crazy when we weren't screaming at Paul,
watching Titanic, or answering my niece's prank call.
The extraverts invaded, and Stella had some dental work
while we were fangirling about our Premium Membership concert perk.
When we weren't defending bands, we gave them an Olympic Games;
we guessed some Bachelor casting, and the microwave went up in flames.
I refuse to play doctor -- unless Jack Barakat says I smell nice --
and my biggest Bachelor dream came true by guessing casting right.
This blogging year, we learned two things: all about Buddy Holly's Philosophy,
and that you meet some really weird folks at the DMV.
Provided the apocalypse doesn't come, and we all survive,
You won't have to read my poetry until we celebrate year five!

Seriously, I am looking forward to spending another year with you, dear reader.
Thank you for making this whole thing that much more worthwhile.

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