Monday, December 31, 2012

Mugs, Bathrobes, And Dogs

Before we start, this just needs to be said.

I plan all year for two specific posts on this blog: the bloggyversary post, and the New Year's Eve post. They're only a few days apart, so I do have all year to think about them. In years past, the New Year posts were somewhat lacking. For 2011, however, I was immensely proud of the final product; it felt like an accurate representation of the entire year. So, I've kinda sorta done it again. 'Cause I can.
Reginald Kitty is not amused.

This is the final day of 2012, folks. It's somewhat funny to think that 366 days ago, we were all wondering what 2012 would be like; now that it's over, it's time to reflect on the wonderful things that have happened.

We went to quite a few places this year; some of them were blogged about, while others were so quick, you'd have never known we went in the first place.

January: Oklahoma City for the Plastic Ono Band
February: Galveston
March: Austin
June: San Antonio/Austin
September: South Padre Island/San Antonio
October: Austin; Las Vegas
November: All Time Low; Houston for Paul!
December: Austin

Favorite shots of the year? I thought you'd never ask!

When we weren't out on the road, we were busy keeping up with our stories.

Seriously, you didn't expect me to wait for Downton to air in America, did you? If you waited, then you're in for one hell of a season.

If you haven't been watching "Call the Midwife", you've been missing out. Personally, I aspire to be an old lady like Sister Monica Joan.

The whole Bachelor franchise was damn near perfect this year. The Bachelorette turned out just like America wanted it to, and Ed was on every episode of Bachelor Pad. Life was good.

What in bloody hell was going on with Fresh Meat this season? It felt like the episodes were aired in the wrong order, and to hell with any character development set up in the first season. This scene, however, was perfect.

Community wasn't cancelled! At least we get a few more episodes.

Least we forget the fabulous ear candy; so many album releases! What wonderful music was released this year. With that wonderful music, though, came the behind the scenes studio stuff that everybody loves.

For example, this Andy Burrows video resurfaced, regardless that these were not part of the Company sessions...

We were all sitting in awe over what Paul did with Kisses on the Bottom, and we don't talk about it at our house, because of reasons...

If you didn't fall in love with Pioneer last year, you were wrong; if you didn't drool all over your shoes when you heard The Maine were releasing their Good Love EP, you were also wrong...

What would this summer have been without the giddy anticipation of Don't Panic? Free downloads, presales, different stories every day, and an official album leak all made for an interesting ride...

And now, our annual New Year's Eve Sap Party, where everybody starts semi-philosophical deep thinking for no apparent reason other than changing calendars.

When I turned twenty-one, I reassessed my life. Not in a midlife crisis way, but more a starting life crisis way. There were a few big decisions to be made this year, some small milestones, fabulous experiences, and a dash of tragedy. It gives me pause to think back about ten years or so; New Year of 2002 -- just after the Ill-Fated Trip To Florida incident -- was the first time I ever said "next year will be different". On the surface, nothing has changed: we live in the same little house, deal with the same people, and we still have a terrible Internet connection. The broader picture, however, is totally different: I have a distinct memory of siting on the living room sofa and writing about 2002 on that New Year's Eve in an actual book (yes, children, before blogging, we kept diaries made from tree skins). While some people have stuck around, others have not, making way for more folks along the road; when I think that I didn't know one of my best friends ten years ago, I start to wonder how I managed without him in the first place -- same for dogs, and canaries. And, even with the terrible Internet connection, indelible connections have been forged: Vegas, Canada, and making up for lost time -- and all because of "The Box".

Every year since then, I have said "next year will be different". Then, without fail, every December 31st, I berate myself for not doing anything to make the years stop blending together; until a few days ago, I didn't realize that I have followed through with that promise every year without even noticing. What I have come to realize is that the core of who you are never seems to change, but the details do; in that regard, my yearly vows are a success. Will I always have an affinity for drinking tea at 10:58 in the evening, listening to Back to the Egg, while wearing my bathrobe, and holding a sleeping dog? Yes; but the mug, the bathrobe, and the dog are what changes. That's how I have fulfilled my promise: slowly, subtly, silently. The years blend together because everybody climbs into their cozy bed at age seventeen and wakes up age seventy-five the next morning, asking where their time went. We waste our time thinking we aren't doing enough -- so much so, that we never detect the trace amounts of forward motion that propel us toward the future.

So, this year, I'll think about the television, and the radio, and the books (if I had mentioned all of the fabulous books I've been fortunate enough to read this year, you'd have been here longer), and the photographs, and the experiences. While I'm patching together the calico memories, I'll say to myself "next year will be different", and I'll realize how true that statement is. As it is, there's already so much about 2013 to look forward to. Paul should be releasing an album. Maybe. I hope. After all, Memory Almost Full was in 2007, and Electric Arguments was in 2008. Seriously. I mean. Seriously. It's not like it's a big secret that he's been working on it.
You look innocent, but we all know you're guilty of awesomeness.

And Paul isn't the only one in the studio, you know...

Hell, rumor has it that we might even hear from One Night Only within the next twelvemonth, so that could be interesting. We could also finally hear the much anticipated Ryan Ross solo debut. And this needs to happen, like, yesterday, 'cause that little feature spot on another band's record just is not enough...

So, here's to 2013, the big decisions, and Reagan's America.

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