Monday, March 12, 2012

Adventures In Supersleuthing, Or, It's All In What You Fangirl

I take it y'all have been watching The Bachelor.
You've been watching, haven't you?
Well, if you haven't, this past Monday was the (most-boring-episode-of-the-entire-season-why-do-they-even-film-it) "Women Tell All" special.

That's right, that episode that strings out the season for one more week, and no one actually cares about; yes, we still watch it, but do we really care? (Answer: no.) They generally just talk to the "ladies", show the blooper reel, and give us a look at the annual Bachelor/ette/Pad reunions.
Boring, right?
I cannot find a video for this anywhere, but here's the gist of it:

The Bachelorette 5 winner Ed Swiderski gave an update on his life after his breakup with Jillian Harris. It was weird to see him at the reunion, since he’s not normally part of that world, and even weirder to hear a pitch that he should be on Bachelor Pad 3.

A pitch for Bachelor Pad?
It didn't sound like a pitch to me; it sounded like they were talking him up, just in case the ink on the contract gets smudged.
We've talked about Ed on the blog before (here and here, if you care to look over the posts), and I have openly discussed my rabid fangirl tendencies. So, if I tell you I had a small reaction to this, you wouldn't be surprised, would you? Good. In that case.
I may have reacted a little.
I spilt my tea all over my dog, and nearly choked on my home-made oatmeal raisin cookies. It was a good day.

Of course, I wasn't happy just with the little clip Chris Harrison gave us. Oh no. I got that familiar itch to, as I call it, supersleuth. Most people just call it Google-ing, but I want ALL information, dammit.
There is no possible way to make this activity sound innocent, or not creepy. I know, I've tried.

Fortunately, I have dealt with Mr. Swiderski's kind before; tech nerds tend to have their own websites, with those nifty little button things that link you to their Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube, etc. If you can find their website, you've hit gold.

He posted about the reunion, which is of help. This is my favorite part:

5 Things I learned at the Bachelor Reunion

1. If you judge people based on what you see on TV, then keep judging. You're right.
'Nuff said!

2. I still love my 3 favorite producers--you know who you are.

3. My mankini is not as popular as it once was. I saw several small children running
away crying at the pool.

4. We define the term "washed up". I think ET Honduras was on the red carpet.

5. The next Bachelor Pad is going to be awwwwwwesome.

Oh, it will, will it?
What say you, Chris Harrison?
Hmmmmm. Are we taking bets? I'm not.

Fangirling itself is just a fun thing, of course; that is, until someone else does it. It's creepy when other people do it, like the right to fangirl is yours, and yours alone.
Last week, an entire class was subjected to listening to a teacher fangirl; she got her photograph taken with so-and-such, who's fame has not gone to his head, and another one with so-and-such. I don't really remember all of it, actually. She said "I've got your picture", and my brain immediately went to this...

Tell me I'm not the only one that thinks performance video containing guitar swings should come with some kind of warning attached.

...and I kind of stopped listening after that.
It's a rather sad moment when you realize you've become a multi-faceted version of Penelope from The Amanda Show (90's kid moment, shut up).

I guess it's all in what you fangirl.
Speaking of which, apparently this happened.
It seems as though I have some supersleuthing to do.
I can't help it, it's a fangirl thing.

I have been these people. You either scream, or one of your lungs collapses; I generally pick screaming.

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