Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Casserole: "I Wanna Be The Tree!" Or, Buddy Holly's Philosophy

What a lovely spring evening it was. A small shower spat little droplets of liquid gold, the clouds were a dark gray, and thunder and lightning filled the sky. It was a beautiful sight; in fact, it was so purdy, I decided to take a photograph.
As I was taking the picture, I heard the dreaded call: "Would you come help me? I wanna map out where I'm planting some trees!"
Have you ever stood outside in the rain, arms spread out, pretending to be a tree?
I have.
Personally, I think our Monday nights have been really sucky since The Bachelor went on hiatus.

It's stories like this that make me wonder if the people at the college are right in thinking I'm the weird one of the bunch (come on, we all know they're right); but, in particular, the lady that sits next to me knows I'm just plain bonkers. I seem to prove her right every week. For blogging purposes, we'll call her Left Lady from now on.
With the "spring forward", I have to wear my sunglasses far longer than in the winter; if I don't, I tend to run into things, like brick walls.
I, being the forgetful little tulip I am, forgot to put my glasses case in my bag (side note: have I mentioned I'm the only moron out of a class of seventeen that has a bag they keep everything in? I also have extra pencils, which, for reasons unknown, people think they can borrow), so my incredibly flamboyant vintage cat glasses were conspicuously present on my desktop. Left Lady looks at them, and comments on how unusual they are. As if I haven't had this conversation ten thousand times since I started wearing cat glasses twelve years ago. This time was different, though; she just kept talking. Eventually, it was my turn to speak, but I had nowhere to take the conversation. That's when Real Me picked up the receiver and started blabbering. I said to Left Lady, and I quote: "Well, it was Buddy Holly's philosophy that if you're gonna wear glasses, you wear glasses".
She gave me a look not unlike this...
...and hasn't spoken to me since.

Fast forward about a week.
Since the class lasts from 5:30 til 9:00 (someone shoot me, please), people tend to bring their dinners with them. At the beginning of the fifteen minute break, someone in the back of the room loudly announced "I'm gonna go walk my burger off". Someone else obviously misheard what he had said, asking him, "you're gonna go walk your weird off?"
So what did stupid over here say before she could shut herself up?
"I tried the once, it doesn't work."
As if that wasn't bad enough, the only person that heard my stupidity was Left Lady.
I think she'll probably pick a different seat next semester.
And I'm OK with that.

College seems to give me the best anecdotes these days, simply because you would never think an institution of higher learning could be so publicly daft.
This email arrived in my inbox the other day:

Subject: Fire

A fire has been reported in Building B on the West Campus.
The Fire Department is responding and the building is being evacuated.
Updates will follow when more information becomes available.

Really? Now they're sending out mass emails about a fire?

More to the point, where the hell is the West Campus? I guess I should put that on my list of things to memorize, right under 'learn the names/faces of people in the class who call you by name when they want a pencil'.

By now we've all seen the major announcement that one of my favorite albums in The History Of Ever has been remastered, and set for release May 22nd, right?
At first, I was more-than-mildly excited by the announcement. After all, the rumor mill accurately predicted the release date, but we didn't know full specs on what the Super-Dee-Duper-Deluxe-Edition would have; and we all know I need the Super-Dee-Duper-Deluxe-Edition to go with my other Super-Dee-Duper-Deluxe-Editions.
It was all fun and games, until I hit the part where it said Ram was going to be released in mono -- that was when I completely lost it. It looked sort of like this.
Mixed with Howard Dean up there, just for unexpected flavor.

I mean, I have tried to refrain from posting my mono/stereo comparisons here for a very long time, but I may have to break my rule.
After all, it was fun when I posted my fangirl notes, right?
Reginald Kitty is not amused.

So, what has this edition of Blog Casserole taught us?

* Pencils are in pretty high demand.

* Only the awesome-est people wear glasses.

* I am officially dead to Left Lady.

* There is something seriously wrong with the college I attend.

* Mono remasters make me go all High Fidelity. And I'm OK with that, too.

My mother said she didn't understand the meaning behind the "homo recording". I guess she didn't see the "HOME" part. I showed her tumblr recently, so I think I may have diluted her mind.

* And this song should be re-recorded for the sole purpose of retro girl-dom. "Lost In Mono" has a nice ring to it.

Look, Ma! I'm wordplaying with songs now! What do I win?

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