Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Pound Is Sinking...

For some reason or other, I read this yesterday (and haven't got it out of my head, really) and thought it worth mentioning on my blog.
As a tea drinker myself, I can understand not wanting to go anywhere without some!
I certainly hope those protesters keep their heads and don't get into any trouble... they got the word out just by taking tea, there isn't any need to do more.
I can't think of a more fitting video than this one, so enjoy the weirdness that is to follow...

All this jibber-jabber about the pound, and here Dollar Tree has went and made itself accessible to the world wide web, as it were.
Everything's still a buck, and free shipping to your local store, but my question is how much shipping is if you don't HAVE a local store... let that one warp your brainbox.

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