Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Secret Life Of Wiggle Whang...

I was weened on HGTV. I realize, however, that I'm terrible to watch home renovation shows with, since I don't hold back on my opinions from everything to paint colors, crown molding, and landscape design (which I apologize for frequently).
That being said, House Hunters is one of my favorite shows. My mother and I have been watching since it first aired in '99, and over the years, the show's host, Suzanne Whang, has been the brunt of many jokes in our house.
She does this thing when she's on camera... it's a kind of wiggle thing, I don't really know what it is, or why she does it, but she does. That's how she got the nickname Wiggle Whang.
Well, the new episodes of House Hunters are MISSING Wiggle Whang. (I know, I know, keep your gasps inside.)
So, I had to go to IMDb and see what the hell was WRONG with this universe. House Hunters WITHOUT Wiggle Whang? It's an OUTRAGE! (She's been replaced with a faceless overdub, which I have named 'The Voice of God'...)
While there, I checked out her mini biography (ironically written by her), and found it slightly disturbing. For those who don't really care to read the whole thing, I'll paraphrase. Brace yourself. Suzanne Whang : Stand-up Comic.
I had to investigate further.
Prepare your eyes for this...

Well, I suppose you know what I did... I went to those websites!
If you want a laugh, I suggest you visit them, too... it's too good to miss!
Although, maybe it's just because I've been watching her for the last 10 years, but it's kinda funny to see what she does when she's not being Wiggle Whang.

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