Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The (British) Breakfast Of Champions...

This is where I first heard of Weetabix, if you care to watch...

I was intrigued, I had to look it up. Ever since then, I've been using Weetabix in my terrible jokes, since most Americans don't know what it is, and it adds to their confusion (which is really what I aim for).
Skip forward to last week.
We're at Market Street, getting cereal, of all things, when what do I find? (Three guesses, go on...)
On the shelf, next to organic Alpha-Bits (or whatever it was), Weetabix. I knew we had to try this, and so we have.
I must admit, when I first saw the biscuit, it reminded me of particle board. Me, being an idiot, tried to eat this thing without milk at first... let's just say, if you decide to try it, don't do that.
Anyway, the point is, we've got 22 of these things left, and we're trying to get creative (I hear it's tasty with warm milk). Not only that, but we're starting to turn the whole family onto this unusual biscuit breakfast.

Why, you may ask, did I decide to do a pointless blog about foreign cereal?
It tickles me.

And now, something completely different.

(I'm on a Band On The Run kick, don't mind me...)

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