Friday, April 10, 2009

Goosepimple Bone...

I'm a current event freak (especially during election year, but that's another story), so I check the news quite often through the day (Dow was up 246 points last I checked!). My favorite place for news (besides FOX, of course...) is MSNBC. They've got such a customizable homepage that I get everything I want to see, in the order I want to see it... and that Market Ticker thing is great to watch (some days).
Well, the Travel Page is one of my favorites, and the headline 11 Mind-Altering Vacations drew me in. My definition of mind-altering is different from their idea of mind-altering, though. I figured it would be natural wonders or insightful or interactive museums... nope. They're CONDONING drugs. (You know, illegal substances, not Sudafed.) A legitimate news organization is telling you it's OK to escape your problems with, and I quote, "trippy tutorials on the meaning of this topsy-turvey life". There's even a disclaimer to take your lawyer's phone number, and consult your doctor before heading off on a hallucinogenic vacation!
This is just insanity.
What's more, I decided this was just too crazy, and had to check out the first place they suggested... I look, and they've got this broken up into four sections: The Buzz, Where To Score, Where To Chill, and Where To Come Down.
I just can't wrap my law-abiding brainbox around this one. This sounds like something Russell Brand would have LOVED to put in his radio show (boy, I miss that weekly dose of innocent absurdity).
Here's to hoping this doesn't become a fad.

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