Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mama, Don't Take My Kodachrome!

I don't know that anyone (except my mother, probably) fully understands my fascination with the past. There's something about "the good ol' days" that gets me excited, and I just don't know why (I have noticed that the text in my US History II class is lacking in information that I find vital [D-Day, Harry Truman, Korean War, much?], which is a total nuisance). In that respect, I subscribe to both Reminisce, and Reminisce EXTRA, and must admit that I have to forcibly keep myself from devouring the entire magazine in one sitting. We've even gone so far as to join the Reminisce book club (our first installment, Life In The Fabulous Fifties, should be arriving in the post soon).
One of my more highly publicized passions has to be my enchantment with the United Kingdom; the fashion (drainpipes and Beatle boots, peradventure), the music (The Beatles, Donovan, The Kinks), the humor (Russell Brand, The Mighty Boosh, the brilliant Graham Linehan), the colloquialisms, the everyday lives of our friends "across the pond" (anything from Flake bars to Fairy soap).
You may remember that these two interests collided in a previous blog post (or maybe you don't, the rest of you have lives).
Well, pull out the Kodachrome, we're back for round two!
Whilst reading my favorite section of The Union Jack, Today's Britain, I noticed links under the header "The Francis Firth Collection". I, of course, had to click those links. In the first paragraph of the first page, there was a link to the Firth Collection's website.
Intrigued, I clicked the link, only to discover a web-universe of memories from all across the UK.
This is an incredible website, and I suggest you take a look at it when you have a moment (or possibly an hour or two, if you're into this sort of drivel).


Don't blame me too much if you're still singing this three or four days from now.

Speaking of memories, the Turret Full Of Ravens original layout has, after sixteen months of faithful service, been retired. He was given a lovely gold pocketwatch, inscribed, "To Plaid, With Love - From The Staff".

Blue Plaid
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Ricky The K's Solid Gold Time Machine

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