Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Virginia Kind Of Day...

I fell in love with Virginia when we visited last year.
The green hills and pastures, the forests in the middle of the city, the beautiful parks, the way the rain fell to earth as if the bottom of a bucket had been knocked out... even the air felt different in Virginia. The feeling of being submerged in history weighed heavily on my mind; knowing that, even if it looks different today, it's still eerily the same as it was when our Founding Fathers walked the same paths.
I can only think of one other place I have enjoyed visiting more, as I think back on all the places I've seen in the past few years... I'm not going to bother with talking about Niagara Falls, though... I'll save that material for later.

When the days are cool and overcast here at home (a rare occasion, indeed!), I cannot help but think of strolling the French-style gardens of Montpelier; of sailing the Potomac, watching the Washington Monument growing in the distance; of strolling in the foggy wilderness surrounding Monticello, the dirt and gravel path crunching dully beneath my eager feet.
Well, today is a Virginia kind of day. I couldn't help but go outside and enjoy it!

And it looks like these beautiful days are going to stay for a while...

Is it sad that I took a screen cap of the seven-day forecast for posterity?

However, this splended Virginia day isn't the real reason for this blog post.
Shock of shocks, I strayed from my original thought to include even MORE mindless drivel.
Are you surprised?
I didn't think so.
Anyway... I have recently gotten my grubby little mitts on a McCartney Rose!
I'm really rather excited about it; it's a beautiful shade of pink, and the most fragrant rose I've ever smelt.
According to the grower's tag, it's described as
"sweet, candy-like..." and "strong, spicy", which, after having it's delectable aroma permeate our house,
makes no sense to me.
All I can say is that it's fantastically twee, and I'm ever so pleased to add it to my pink garden.
A picture's worth a thousand words, so I'll let my camera do the talking...

I think it's time for a song, don't you?
Well, at least try to act excited! Chin up, you gloomy guses!
I seem to have songs that stick in my head for each vacation... it almost defines the mindset for the trip.
So, here's one for you, Virginia...

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