Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Planting Season Is Dangerous

Spring is a dangerous time of year for me.
All those pretty flowers are filling local garden departments, their cheerful blooms smiling serenely at me, their proud foliage unfurling toward the sun, the fragrance of the delicate blossoms beckoning you to lean in for a hearty sniff... and they're all shouting "Take me home! Love ME!"
Then, of course, you buy them, with high hopes of continuing these vigorous blooming patterns... and then, YOU get to take care of it.
"The tag for that geranium says it likes full sun, but it's dying. You mean, they only like partial sun in this area? You mean that they're delicate in high winds? What the hell are those green buggy worms boring holes through my pretty pink blooms? Heavens, the leaves are drooping... what do you mean, they like to be watered every day during the hot months? The tag said to let it dry out first! You mean they have to be kept off solid surfaces so that the roots don't fry?" (These, by the way, are all things I have said about my beloved geraniums through trial and error. Geraniums are my pet project, really, besides my violets. Though, if I do say so myself, I have the prettiest geraniums I have ever seen. There, I said it.)
I love to experiment with the care and blooming patters of these beautiful creatures, usually without much help from the Internet, if I can help it. I just go by instinct, and I usually have lovely flowers. What can I say, I have a knack for this kind of drivel.
Something extra I have been interested in during the past year is tracking the growing progress of these plants (by more than just sight, anyway). If you go back to the post I made about my blooming violets, you can see how much they have grown in the last two years.
If I had taken pictures even just once a year of the plants in my greenhouse pre-freeze (all my plants froze this winter in my greenhouse... damn air leaks!), it would have been incredibly interesting to see how much they had grown in five years.
Well, I'm starting over this season (on a much smaller basis, of course... I'm not doing 50+ plants again, if I can help it), and I'm going to document them this time!
It shall be splendid, indeed!

Oh, and while I was outside with the camera, I had to take some more boring macro shots of boring nature

SONG TIME! (It's my favorite time of the day, you know... I try to make SONG TIME last for hours
upon hours at a stretch... feel sorry for my mother.)
I hadn't heard this song in at least ten years until today.
It hadn't even crossed my mind until I heard it on the radio this afternoon...
I surprised myself by still knowing the tune, actually.
So, have a blast from my past, and maybe yours, too...

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