Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holy Frosted Flakes, Batman!

No, not Tony Tiger...

... it's been snowin' like a banshee today (I'd estimate that we got about eight inches, but the drifts make it harder to guess)!

We actually got to break in the snow blower and everything. That little sucker works like a charm... it made a wall of snow over a foot tall (and there's an inch on top of that at this point)... it looks something like this...
... as do a few of the windows around the house, as well as the skylights!
Needless to say, it's a perfect night for tucking in with a strong, hot cuppa, a brownie sundae (you better believe it!) and watching Sundance/Supernatural.
I've been making all kinds of jokes around this clip from last week's episode...

Just like living with me!
(Come on, you didn't actually think you would get away with just a few pictures of snow and it be over, did you? I HAD to throw something in for flavor, it's the LAW.)

In relation to the snow, I've been singing this song since I got up this morning...

See, you can't escape without hearing The Precious, either.


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