Monday, January 25, 2010

News Angencies = Gits...

For someone like me, finding a news agency that you're comfortable with is a slightly daunting task. With FOX News, I'm very comfortable watching their station (and sorting through the extreme right-wing nutjobness), though, when you see their website, there's something left to be desired... while with, say CNN or MSNBC, you have to sort through the extreme liberal wiener-ness. However, my vote for favorite website (and since that's how I check the news, this is a very crucial decision... CRUCIAL!), it's got to be MSNBC. Their homepage is so incredibly customizable, and I love that little stocks tracker (I have taken to actually checking to see what the DJI average is a few times during trading hours... yes, I have too much time on my hands, I know).
However, the news today seems to have one (HAH!) severe problem... a lack of proof reading.
A picture's worth a thousand words, so here goes...

Yes, cat lovers are so neurotic, they can't even tell if they're fussing over a cat or a chihuahua. Time for a new pair of glasses, Sonny Jim!

'Cause this...

...and this...

are SOOOO easy to confuse.
(That Baby, by the way, is my Lilly... she's my pride and joy, sugars and spices and all that is nices, my prettyful-beautiful-wonderful Honey Nugget. And yes, I call her that, frequently.)

In other news, if you're wondering where I get my political jargon, have a peep at this video!

Oh, the days when the only major worry we had with politics was if Al Gore would make a comeback (I now like to call him the Crazy Green Ninny instead of Whiny Looooser)!
And, for the record, I do a mean Howard Dean impersonation...

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