Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Improvement + Wrinkly Rocker = Hairless Cat...

When I hear something, or read/see it somewhere on the interwebs, and my Bloggy Senses start to tingle, I know it's time to head to my blog and start writing.

My mother read me this article today, and I have thought of little else since then. Why, you may ask, have I thought of nothing since then? Well, my Bloggy Senses were coming up with YouTube videos and links and pictures, and it's a very busy little world up there in my thinkhatch (doing such things as planning blogs, and wondering about the marvels of string cheese, or how a thermos can keep something both hot and cold).
Instead of just posting the TMZ link, I have decided that it makes more sense to also stick the text here, if that's alright with you (but, since it's my blog, why am I asking permission?).
Are we ready?

Steven Tyler Serenades A Home Depot

Rehabbing rock star Steven Tyler treated a bunch of shoppers at a Home Depot to an impromptu concert this weekend -- by singing two of Aerosmith's biggest hits a cappella over the store's loudspeaker.

TMZ spoke to multiple employees at the H.D. in Rancho Mirage, CA., who tell us Tyler randomly picked up the microphone on Saturday and belted out snippets of "Dude Looks Like a Lady" and "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" for all the weekend warriors to enjoy.

And get this: We're also told Tyler took a hit from a helium machine and kept singing Bee Gees style
(this was the point at which tea spewed from my nose, and I collapsed over the desk in a fit of giggle-goo) while signing autographs for anyone who asked.

Coolest. Guy. Ever.

Stephen Tyler turns into the Brothers Gibb... what a freaking riot!
Look at this picture while you listen to the following song (and this is actually Steven Tyler, by the way, not a 65 year old Granma from Boca)...

The bit I liked best was that he took a hit on the helium machine and just kept going!
I assume it sounded something like this (PICTURE TIME AGAIN! What? You only live once, don'cha know.)...

Over a loud speaker at the Home Depot...

And is it just me, or does Steven Tyler look a little bit like this?...
You decide.

Moving in another direction entirely, ever since I found out our Mystery Monkey was called Mickey, I've been singing this song...

All this talk of music, and we've not yet heard from The Precious! Preposterous, say I, PREPOSTEROUS!

If you weren't singing and dancing with that song, then, frankly, you are not human, and should seek medical attention immediately.
And what was the deal with that figure eight cowlick abomination on the side of Denny's head? It reminds me of something...

Ricky The K's Solid Gold Time Machine

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