Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Adventures Of Pete And Pete...

No, not THAT Pete and Pete...
Prepare yourselves for the cuteness that is my Grandy... he loves to play gin (incidentally, we broke in the Tragic Royalty cards today... he said he couldn't see them... back to the Rio deck, I 'spose), is hard of hearing, and says the darndest things.
I don't know how we got around to it, but we somehow started talking about how, back in the day, Pete Townshend went 'round to Hurtwood Edge, Eric Clapton's place, to try and convince him to go to rehab (as I understand it, he was damn persistent about it, too...).
During the conversation, Grandy asked "are you sayin' Pete Fountain, or Pete Townshend?"
I giggled, explained, and put a post-it note in my head to further investigate Pete Fountain in the later-times.

Because, in my Grandy's head, this guy...

..and this guy...

...probably run in the same circles.

Another example of just how cute my Grandy can be...
he bought himself a hoodie recently, but has been wearing it with the hood tucked in, because he didn't think it was supposed to be there. He even asked my mother to take the hood out!
She told him to untuck it, that was the way it was supposed to be... his response?
"Gee, it's a lot more comfortable now!"
I love him.


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