Saturday, July 4, 2009

We The People Of The United States...

Lock the dogs in the house, it's Independence Day!


Allow me to spiel for a moment...
I see patriotism differently now that I've been to Washington DC. Not that I have more faith in our government, far from it, but to see the history of our nation preserved is an inspiring thing. It reminds you of a lot of things we have a tendency to take for granted. Not just our freedoms, not only what we represent to the rest of the world, but how our Founding Fathers had the balls to stand up and defend what they knew to be right. (Dear God, we could use some real patriots now, couldn't we?)

So, as your back yard is on fire from the sparklers you set off, bear in mind, despite the burns you got from those Roman Candles, America is still the best place to be, and remember those before us who made it possible.

End of spiel.

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