Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bachelorette : The Men Drink All...

Last night, it was that time in the Chris Harrison/Bachelorette season that the biggest filler episode of all, "The Men Tell All" special, was due to air.
Usually I just watch this episode for the blooper reel at the end, but the first few minutes were what proved to be the biggest laugh of all, oddly enough... let's just say that it sent my blog senses to tingling.
The clip you are about to see pretty much speaks for itself... my personal favorite of this season, Ed, has "one too many" at a pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party.
Unfortunately, you'll have to fast forward to the 1:56 time stamp (I couldn't find the clip on it's own... hell, we're lucky they have the clip at all!)...

(Maybe you'd have to have watched this whole season...)

There's just something about an IT guy...

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