Monday, July 13, 2009

Desperately Seeking Paulie...

Rumors had been buzzing about the net for about a month that Paul will be in Dallas come August. Not too soon after that hubbub started, rumors were flying that he might come to Tulsa, of all places. The best part? Every rumor thus far had been absolutely true, right down to dates and ticket prices.
We tried to keep from getting excited about all the leaked information, waiting for official confirmation from the Head Honcho himself. Last week, that confirmation arrived for both venues.
Again, we tried not to get excited, since there was no guarantee of getting tickets. After all, his show in Vegas last April sold out in seven seconds... our chances of getting in for, if not both, either gig were very slim.
I shall spare any innocent reader the lavishly gory, fangirly details... all you need to know is Tulsa and Dallas are on my roster, signed, sealed, delivered!
Today, it's good to be me!
I think this calls for a Paul montage!

Oh, I love that man!

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