Friday, November 20, 2009

That Bill Bailey... What A Guy!

You may have heard me speak of a feller called Bill Bailey in the past... no? Well, the rest of you have lives, after all. Do get acquainted with Mr. Bailey before we proceed.

Remember now? I thought you might.
Anyway... I am signed up for his email news alerts (isn't everyone? You should be, too!), and this came across the wire this morning...

Desperately Seeking Sophie

Bill recently received a piece of fan mail and request for a signed photo from an international fan called Sophie. As per the website’s instructions for such requests, Sophie sent 2 international reply coupons (well done, Sophie…you’d be surprised) to cover the reply postage for a 20g C5 envelope to Sophie’s country of residence. But without an address.

If you are this Sophie, who purchased 2 IRCs from a place called Ipswich in Queensland, Australia, please do get in touch. And to make sure that all the Sophies down under don’t jump on the bandwagon at once, would the real Sophie please tell us what was written on the back of the letter which s/he sent. A signed photo is in it for you!

Isn't he a nice bloke? Check out his website, it's a real scream!
In related news... what a riot! I only just discovered he has a Twitter account! Be sure to put that on your to-do list, too!

In no way related to the previous, did you catch Jimmy Fallon last night? In case you didn't, take a peep at this little ditty (we got the biggest kick out of this)...

I leave you now with a song, again, having nothing to do with Christmas...

You must forgive me, I recently got the Dark Horse Collection.

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