Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Glovie's Blog Debut!

When I was little, I never realized that the Buford family holiday celebrations weren't actually on the right day. We've always had Thanksgiving on Wednesday, and Christmas on the 24th, so, naturally, I have always considered Buford Thanksgiving to be the real deal.
So, even if it's a day early for the rest of the nation, I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully, you'll enjoy a fully-cooked turkey, drunken relatives (they're always the most fun), and an uncharred house at the end of it all.
Now, to celebrate the holiday, I've been keeping one of my favorite "from the vault" (OK, YouTube) specials just for this occasion, so sit back, and enjoy this incredible cooking lesson! Perhaps you'll put it to some use for your feast...

Aren't we all thankful for this man? I know I am.
In a bit of slightly Paul-related news, how does the Mighty Boosh figure into the Stella McCartney Christmas party? Find out...
And don't forget, instead of participating in Black Friday, why don't you support Buy Nothing Day instead?

In other news, can you believe that MIX 94.1 has already put up their Christmas music? (at our house, I always suggest that anyone who wants to live to see Christmas shouldn't play the music until Thanksgiving Day... oy gevalt, am I gonna get it tomorrow!)
Well, before the official kick-off to the Christmas Season (take that, Barack!), which, of course, is when Santa closes the Macy's Parade, let's enjoy a good old fashioned sing-along, I-haven't-heard-that-since... tune!

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