Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundance And Ghostfacers, Featuring Chris Harrison...

As I've mentioned before, my sister got Mama and I to watch Supernatural (of course, we call it Sundance), one of her favorite shows.
At the end of the latest new episode, which aired a couple of weeks ago, they said that new installments resume on January 21... of course, this was two weeks ago, so I forgot if they said December or January (if you've noticed, I'm not so good with dates). Naturally, it was bothering me. I'm young, after all, I shouldn't be forgetting such simple things.
You can guess what happened next... off I run to the official Supernatural webpage. While I'm there, I notice that one of my favorite themes from the show, The Ghostfacer Team, has a little link on the site. Intrigued, I click the link, and discover a mini-Ghostfacer universe!
If you watch Sundance, I suggest you take a look at this little tidbit, as it's a real riot! (For those interested, they've even got a link to the I told you it was a riot!)
YouTube didn't have much from my favorite Sundance episode, The Real Ghostbusters, so I'm going with another of my favorite clips... of course, embedding has been disabled by request, so click the link if interested.
Oh, and by the way, it starts up again in January.
Another of our shows revving their engine for 2010 would be The Bachelor... that's right, it's almost Chris Harrison season again! (January 4th... it'll be a scream, man, fab gear and that.)
Mark thy calendars, we'll waste our lives in front of the television together!

Well, since this post is drawing to it's natural conclusion, it's time for another of the Beatles Fan Club Christmas Messages! (I can hear your enthusiasm... really, don't strain yourself).
We're going all the way back to 1964 this time. You'll notice a marked difference in both the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the band... take a listen...

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