Monday, November 23, 2009

Loonies Like Me! (What A Shocker!)

If you haven't been keeping up with "For Whom The Bell Tells", then what are you doing with your life? How do you keep up with the most adorable human on our planet? I wouldn't know, because I wait anxiously for Mr. Bell to update this enchanting article each week.
Featured in this edition, Paul headlined the Children In Need's "Rock The Albert Hall" event, where this hilarious anecdote comes from (I couldn't resist sharing this one)...

Stepping minutes back in time pre-performance and there were almost scenes of violence in the backstage corridors. As Paul was called to the stage he needed to get rid of his throat lozenge so he placed it on a table where there were some other bits of rubbish and half drunk water bottles. When the backstage crew realised what Paul had done there was an immediate scrum to recover the, now iconic, throat sweet. Keep an eye on eBay in the coming weeks for the world’s most expensive Strepsil!

I'd have taken down a few production men to get to that!
(And you can bet your sweet arse I checked eBay... no soap... yet.)
Oh, folks just LOVE their Paulie!


(This was an epic event in Tulsa... feel the bass vibrate in your ribcage kind of awesomeness... oh, I love that man!)

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