Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ward, I'm Worried About The Beaver...

I've loved classic TV since I was a wee nyaf. There's a magical innocent quality to it that modern shows just can't seem to recapture (except for Pushing Daisies, but we all know what happened there).
Being fond of the oldies, I am, of course, a Leave It To Beaver fan... I've even met The Beave himself (he's a boring old sod), and we discussed wallpaper and medieval drama.
Anyway, the song at the beginning of this video has been an inside joke between my mother and I for a few years now, and I only JUST thought to look it up on YouTube.
So, Ma, this one's for YOU.

And, for those thinking we're all insane, that is ACTUALLY a song.

And, Ginger, don't feel left out... THIS one is for YOU.

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