Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barbies, Kryptonite, and Gore-Lieberman. Call The Funnyfarm.

This is one of the dumbest videos I've seen. Really. You can tell that when Mr. Schmuck made this, he was trying to be funny, but was most likely just having fun playing with Barbie dollies, wearing his boxers and Gore-Lieberman shirt, and flipping between American Idol and Wife Swap on TiVo. (Either that, or my lack of American humor is blinding the funny haha.)
Why then, you may ask, am I putting it up on my blog?
Give it a listen, you tell me.

How and why did he do that?
Odd. Although, so is this.

You know, until I got the idea of putting that song on this post, I hadn't ever seen the video for it... afterwards, I feel it's a perfect candidate for the theme of 'odd', don't you?
My, doesn't that bring back memories, sister o'mine?

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